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Marble Surface

Marketing Associate

Marble Surface

About the Role


Undertake daily administrative tasks to ensure the functionality and coordination of the department’s activities
Support marketing executives in organizing various projects
Conduct market research and analyze consumer rating reports/ questionnaires
Employ marketing analytics techniques to gather important data (social media, web analytics, rankings etc.)
Update spreadsheets, databases and inventories with statistical, financial and non-financial information
Assist in the organizing of promotional events and traditional or digital campaigns and attend them to facilitate their success
Prepare and deliver promotional presentations
Compose and post online content on the company’s website and social media accounts
Write marketing literature (brochures, press releases etc.) to augment the company’s presence in the market
Communicate directly with clients and encourage trusting relationships

About the Company

Whatever knowledge we may have we want to share it. We want to inspire others and connect with like-minded people. We want them to impart their knowledge to us and inspire us while sharing our faith with others.

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