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A Father's Shadow

This is a poem that I share every so often. Written back in 2017. It's one of those ideas that you get that just doesn't fully fade and takes real time to develop. This poem has been featured on several of my platforms that I'm on. It is also one my dad's favorites. In honor of Father's Day here it is.

A Father's Shadow
JM Kraemer

At the time of my birth,
I was held in his arms.
Resting in my father's shadow.

As I grow and as I learn
Lessons that he has passed to me.
I crawl in my father's shadow

As a teen I am one to test limits,
Yet the lessons still remain,
I walk in my father's shadow.

As an adult I still have much to learn,
Passing along the wisdom he has gained
I still am in my father's shadow.

As I grow older with wisdom of my own,
The thoughts and words that I use.
I am passing my father's shadow.

At this I now fully understand,
What all those lessons have prepared me for.
I have left my father's shadow.

As I age with the passing of time.
It dawns on me this simple reality,
I have become my father's shadow. 

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