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An Uphill Battle

Lately my frustrations have been getting the better of me. More so than they should. A constant challenge as it relates to The Lego Church Project and my efforts to share my talents with others.

I've been at this a long time. Well over twenty-five years. A challenge exists in finding parishes to display at. I know from experience that not every location is a good fit. It takes a combo of a decent site with a fair amount of space and people who are willing to help make the displays happen. If I don't have the help then I can't do a proper display.

When it comes to showing my creative talents with others. The number of people who attend the parish isn't that important in the long run. It is more that people be allowed to see my work in person. Even if it's only a handful. That is more than most who will see my work during a typical season. In fact that is probably a secondary worry I have as it relates to my work. I face a much bigger challenge when it comes to displays.

In order to make displays happen I still need to find people who are willing to help. Those connections become even more important as they are key to making a great display. People who are willing to go above and beyond. These are people who I've run into who know about my work and will make every effort to help get a display set. They are the ones who will give me a proper chance. However in this current climate it is an uphill struggle. Many parishes do not want to commit to extra things outside of normal parish events. They do not want to invest in the time or resources. Not really the fault of the parishes. It is just the nature of things these days. I've always had this understanding that if a parish really wants to have me out. They will find the path needed to make it happen. Otherwise it isn't a good fit for me or The Project.

It is extremely hard not to get overly frustrated or discouraged. To make every effort to move forward with my work when I have so much running against me. I have to remind myself daily that this is the Lord's work. It is this desire to serve the Lord that drives me. Even though I am on my own with no external help. I don't have the support of any group or organization. The fact that I'm doing this work on my own makes the climb that much harder. Yet it is that very help that I need to make things happen. To establish the contacts and connections that are needed.

I wasn't intending to add this to my "CR Tuesday" posts. Yet with events of the past last month or so I feel lead share this. I close this out with an appeal for prayers and much needed wisdom. Praying that by the grace of the Holy Spirit I can secure a few, much needed, displays for summer and fall. Prayers for an ease of the frustrations I seem to be facing and that I am truly following the Lord's will. That the Lord would send me forth soon so I can be given the chance to share my talents with others. It would go a long way to easing my own heart. The challenges and struggles as it relates to The Project are not new. In twenty-five years it has always been an uphill battle. -

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