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Are conservativeism Christianity and fascism in the Bible? Probably!

Alabaster Jar of Anti-Sacramental Mystery Part IV: Is Conservative Christianity and Fascism Anticipated in the Bible? Probably, Yes! Read On!

STUDENT: Totally killer, TEACHER! Why don’t you let me do the Pharisee scene?

TEACHER: You bet!

STUDENT: Ok, here we go. There are two levels of Pharisees: the Pharisees that have some semblance of the spiritual,, but are really in the end, mostly worldly, and then the secularly godless Pharisees, who are purely of the world. The first are 500, the latter, 50. The five derives from the five sacraments that heretics lose and whose theological implications they confound.

TEACHER: Good. Tell me about the 500.

STUDENT: Yes, the reason that the hardened evangelicals merely have the semblance of a spiritual, but are really only worldly, is because that is how the Christ portrayed the OT Pharisees. The OT Pharisees had the pretense of righteousness, but inside they were disgusting, arrogant, self-righteous hypocrites. This is the spitting image salvation by imputation. These are the self-same despicable heretics that say a Christian is merely imputed righteousness by God, while not necessarily actually having it. They claim love but are bigoted, as for example, they regard people who die without receiving the Gospel through no fault of their own as damned to hell. Many times evangelical pastors turn out to be frauds who only wish to fill their bellies and pocketbooks. Is this not all worldly? Not to mention to so much evangelical theology is pop psychology on how to succeed, which is truly of the world. There is no cross, no suffering, no misfortune. In conclusion, the NT Pharisees are largely worldly and not really very spiritual.

The Fascists prove similarly, but utterly of the world, the 50. A harsh, judgmental government that enforces laws to instigate paranoia. Like the bigoted evangelicals, it sees humanity as unequal, and so forth.

Teacher, why don’t you walk through the Fascist sacramental mockery, to bring us toward a close.

TEACHER: Certainly!

The Secular Mockery of the Five Sacraments Lost to Pharisaical Heretics

The Presumptuous Heretic

Confession: The State imposes a climate of fear with regards to her laws. Persons caught can expect terrible punishment, up to and including death. The victims of the bigotry fit here.

Anointing of the Sick: The state seeks to eradicate suffering and difficulties through diabolical means, e.g., euthanasia, eugenics.

Confirmation: The bigotry of the elect and non-elect extends into worldly bigotry: we are Aryans. We are superior. Others are less than us. They must be disposed of, or at best marginalized or used.

Holy Orders: The State manifests a hyper-masculine presence, rule by fear, force and dominance. It mocks authentic priests.

Holy Communion: The Pharisaical Church is hyper-exclusive, like the Fascist state.

STUDENT: This is very good. It seems we have reached the end, no? Continued..

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