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Bonfire's Holy Light

In the darkest half of the year,

When age begins to show,

Savage changes do beckon us,

To gather before the snow.

Fall colors, dusky brown and orange,

Once pastures green and bright,

Summer gives way to Autumns’ Fall,

To bonfire’s solemn night.

Like children at tinseled tree,

We set straw witch alight.

Wishing good wishes might come true,

‘Round bonfire’s comely sight.

“Free us from our dread enemies!”

We commemorate Him.

“Guide our feet in the way of peace,

Let heaven soon begin!”

Like rising smoke, our hopes alight,

Crowd we around the fire.

As dark and sunless skies descend,

Prayers ascend much higher.

Draw warmth, dear friends, ‘midst sunless sky,

Shades of eternity

Which once from dark and long ago

We burn in effigy.

Customarily reflecting,

We celebrate the saints;

From lechery and gluttony,

We, too, fast and abstain.

Like Baptist John or Esther Queen

Bright as fires in dark,

We dance in holy revelry,

That God will strike the spark.

Retreat, we then, from wilderness,

Of pride, mischief, deceit,

And bind our thoughts to holy death,

That grace in us increase.

With scorching fire, lit ablaze,

We look to coming Spring.

In bonfire’s holy cleansing light,

We gather in and sing:

“Hosanna to the Lord of Light,

Rejoice in God our King!”

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