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Catholics Are Responsible.

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

All the confusion, chaos, riots, that we see today come from Cultural Marxism. How though did it all become so prevalent? Everything appeared to happen so rapidly. This though has all been in the planning for a hundred years or more. We were warned by different Popes, Saints, and even our Holy Mother about 'modernism' 'freemasonry' and 'Communism'. So how did it all come to this? Freemasonry always said their number one enemy was the Catholic Church, it was too powerful. They could not argue for their false ideology in public. They used covert means, through their secret lodges throughout the world to infiltrated the Church. While Russia also planted communists into the Church with help from people like Bella Dodd, who later renounced communism and became Catholic. These infiltrators entered our seminaries and pushed their false ideologies. Then we had Vatican 2 that was heavily influenced by Protestant churches, and it did not clarify or reveal anything new about Church teaching, all it did was muddy the waters of teachings that were crystal clear before. Teachings that were simple and easy to understand, now could be interpreted differently by different people. The Jesuit order that once was a great defender of the truth and prevented the spread of Protestant heresies, was later infiltrated by and has close links with freemasonry. What many people are unaware of is that the Jesuit order was disbanded then later was reinstated again, when they were reinstated freemasons were fully aware how successful the order was, so they applied the old adage of 'If you can't beat them, join them'. That's exactly what they did. All this was done in order to destroy the Church, they could not destroy from without, so they decided to attack her from within. We now have an effeminate clergy, and I don't mean them being just homosexual, although a high, high percentage are. I mean they have no courage, they have no fire in their belly, they speak with no conviction. While many are just career clerics all they care about is climbing up the ecclesiastical ladder. Sneaking and conniving playing at politics instead of trying to save souls. Today we can see the results of this infiltration. Most people born into the Catholic faith no longer have the faith. Those that do still go to mass the vast majority are badly catechised and do not know their faith. We have priests preaching heresy from the pulpit. We have Catholics like Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden etc. going up receiving communion and nothing said or done about it. The reason we are in the situation we are in now is because baptised Catholics don't behave like Catholics, they reject Church teaching. If every baptised Catholic started taking their faith seriously and living their faith then within a year the world would know peace. Catholic men, especially, have been found wanting. We have a bunch of Karen's running everything in the parish, making everything even more effeminate and even more about 'feelings'. When what we need now is courage, leadership, the hard truth, masculine qualities. Priests are not challenging their congregation, they are not making them strive for holiness. They never talk about the hot topic issues, they never talk about going to hell if you're not in a state of grace. We are all called to be saints. Priests need to help their congregation realise this. Pray the rosary every day. Tiocfaidh ár lá (Our Day Shall Come) Truth & Tradition

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