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Challenges and Storms

Life has a nasty habit of throwing all kinds of curve balls. Things going on in the background that for most normal people can be easily navigated and taken care of. When you have issues related to disability that can become more of a challenge to figure out. Because any kind of curve can throw you into an unintended panic. With irrational fear playing all kinds of havoc. It takes an already full list of prayer intentions and makes it seem like no matter what you do life will not settle down that much. Add OCD and anxiety into the mix and you can be in for some very rough waters.

The challenge for me is when things happen is trying to find the best path moving forward even when my system is screaming at me like a five alarm fire. It is just the nature of life in general that sometimes things don’t go according to any kind of plan. I’ve had a few issues come up the last few weeks that have sent me for a loop. It is when things are like this that I am thankful for my faith in Christ.

When the storms get bad for me. When my mind is spinning at a very high RPM. I am constantly reminded of how important prayer is. My faith in Christ is the core of who I am. Meaning that while I have a hard time trusting the world around me. I have complete and total trust that God will guide me though the storm. It’s not about finding an instant or perfect solution. Sometimes life takes time. Rather it is about finding the best path forward when I have nothing but rough seas. Those are the moments when I must let go as best as I am able and remain faithful to what God has planned for me. With prayer and total surrender to Christ I can at least find the right answer to the problems at hand.

At times the storms of life can easily overtake us. Creating a level of fear and anxiety that can easily distract us. Yet Christ is with us no matter what is going on or what we are facing at the moment. Christ never promised us the journey would be an easy one. Christ did promise that he would always be with us till the end of days. May the Holy Spirit guide all of us though the storms that are going on in our lives. -

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