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Chaos of the World

The more that I take a look into the world. The more I realize and come to understand that it will always be in a state of constant and unending chaos. Even just turning on the news these days you can’t escape that fact. Something is always happening. Events unfolding on the global stage. Things taking place in our towns or close to home with family challenges or various health crisis. I don’t always understand what is going on around me. Just feels like at times, it never really seems, to let up or end. Peace as it comes to the state of the world is fleeting. Lasts for but a moment and then the storm fires up again.

As I walk on this journey of faith. I see this happening more in my life. It catches me off guard and often times I am gripped with a level of anxiety that is way out of my control. It twists and turns like the endless roller coaster seeking to throw me off the track and into the abyss. A constant challenge to navigate through the storm. More so when my reactions are not of my own desire or choosing. 

Even when the storms feel at the worse, I have still managed to remain grounded and still on the train. Thanks to my deep faith in Christ and by extension the Catholic Church. My faith is something that I hold on to and fully embrace. As believers we are called to do just that. Even when our own reactions are not ours to decide. For me at least, by fully accepting Christ, I have given up my own earthly desires and surrender myself to God's great plan. As difficult of a road that is to be on most times. 

The older I get. The more I know and understand that in my life I will always face some kind of storm. Even with all that goes on I take great comfort in my faith in Christ. Taking comfort in understanding and believing in the power of prayer. If I am to be known for anything in this life. Best to be known as a man of unwavering faith. Even when the anxiety reaches the most dramatic of levels. 

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