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Christian division in the woman at the well and the apocalypse letters

Spiritual or figurative sexuality as possible key to interpreting Christian division within certain passages in the seven letters of apocalypse and of figurative interpretation of the woman at the well.

Spiritual sexuality starts at the top and moves downward to the most despicable of physical sexuality.

At the top is the ultimate spiritual sexuality which is Christ and the church.

Here, Jesus has a proceeding nature of Truth and Grace in its seed form

Jesus, as the creator, initially possesses the seed of spiritual life, which is the mystery of Truth and Grace, all Grace.

Jesus possesses this from all eternity and it initiates from him exclusively, not from his creatures

This is why his church is shown as a receptive sexuality and not as a proactive sexuality.

All the creatures can do relative to the Creator is receive the seed of Truth and Grace from God because the creature is not the initial source of Truth nor the initial source of Grace at all.

God, the creator, alone originates the seed, not the creature.

The creature can only receive this truth and Grace into its in most being, where the Creator penetrates the inmost being of the creature in his soul, and thereby infuses the gift of Truth and Grace into their very soul.

This is exactly why God created the physical male to have a proceeding sexuality and the female to have a receptive sexuality.

It is a physical picture of what is going on between Christ and the church.

The seed of literal physical life originates in the man, not the woman.

The woman can only receive it as the man penetrates the inmost being of woman and thereby infuses the seed of life within her.

Now, once spiritual sexuality of Jesus and the church is seen , the next step below is the spiritual sexuality of the priest and his church.

The same situation exists as with Jesus and the church.

The priest stands in the place of Christ and so has the semblance of originating the truth and Grace through his preaching at the pulpit and his insemination of Grace to the mediation of the sacraments to the church.

Hence the priest, standing in persona Christi, must be a man since he has the semblance of holding the original seed of Truth and Grace.

His church community, or parish, is then a symbol of receptiveness.

This church community receives the grace and truth from the priest.

they do not originate this truth or Grace, but rather it is infused to them spiritually by the priest.

Hence, a priest must be a man to fulfill the symbolism in God's creation of male and female as their spiritual roles that symbolize Christ and the church.

A receptive priest is simply the wrong role.

A reception cannot originate the seed and penetrate another receptive essence.

This is perhaps why Christians that want female priests tend to be liberal or effeminate.

Moreover, do we not even see a tendency of women who want to be priests several times being of same sex orientation.

Now, the only completely legitimate priests..

Are Catholic priests, since they are purely good because they're within communion of the only true church.

Moreover , Orthodox priests have validity of holy orders, they are true spiritual husbands to their flock.

However, according to Catholicism, the Orthodox churches, not to condemn any one person within them,--because they are very good people who are able to be saved if they follow their conscience--are nevertheless objectively in a schismatic relationship with the church, which is mainly because they do not feel that the papacy has the supreme role to protect doctrine in the college of patriarchs.

But this difference of opinion is so minimal that the Catholic Church still holds their holy orders truly valid, and therefore, once again, all holy orders to whatever degree are completely valid in Catholic eyes.

But in a certain sense again , not to incriminate any good Orthodox priest or patriarch, because the Orthodox are considered to be in a minor separation from the Catholic Church, it is objectively a spiritual form of divorce, as it were, however minor from the Catholic Church, since Christian division is really a form of spiritual separation, like a divorce.

So unfortunately, although the Catholic Church recognizes the true validity of Orthodox holy orders, because it considers the Orthodox as very minorly separated from the church, their holy orders are kind of like divorced and remarried holy orders.

Moving down the spectrum into the realm of the ecclesio communities of protestantism, objectively again , not at all incriminating the good character of protestant ministers, not at all implying that they are not able to be saved if they follow their conscience, nevertheless, protestantism has an objective separation from the Catholic church that is far more grave than that of the Orthodox.

Namely, whereas the Orthodox separation is very minor form of divorce, as in schism, or the belief that Peter does not have his authority that is claimed by the Catholic Church, the Protestant ecclesio communities unfortunately have the objective form of division called heresy, which is much worse, in that, it not only rejects the supreme apostolic successor in Catholicism, but all apostolic succession and all of the sacred oral tradition, and claims only to the written tradition or in fact only part of it.

Because of this nature so severe, the Catholic Church views the communities in heresy to not validly possess holy orders.

Consequently, whereas good meaning Protestants and good meaning Protestant ministers of good character and holy, may consider their office to be truly ordained and formally a manifestation of a man of God, unfortunately, according to Catholic thattheology, such offices are not valid formally, and so they are only as it were informal husbands, which is unfortunately even worse than a divorce and remarriage in the figurative sense, as with the Orthodox.

Here unfortunately, just as a marriage is not a true marriage unless it is convened by a formal ceremony that is valid publicly, so a person cannot be a true man of God formally unless they have publicly manifested themselves by being ordained by a formal successor of the apostles, that is., a valid Bishop of either the Orthodox or Catholic forms.

For this reason, again not at all attacking the good character of protestant ministers, who are able to be saved as they are if they follow their conscience, being themselves a brother of us in Christ although separated,...

A Protestant office of ministry is really only an informal relationship between a spiritual man and a spiritual woman and hence, as terrible as it may sound, it is like a figurative fornication although not promiscuous, but rather like a committed informal commitment of one man and one woman in a household.

Again, a Protestant minister and the flock that they shepherd are usually very good people who want to follow Christ as best as they can, and the Catholic Church would never condemn any of them but considers them our dearly beloved sisters in the Lord, however separated we are by a certain degree.

But unfortunately in a figurative sense, again, the relationship between a Protestant Minister and the flock has the semblance of a spiritual cohabitation because of the lack of a formal quote-unquote marriage between them.

Now, we can move on to the woman at the well.

Jesus tells her, yes, for you have had five husbands, and the man you are now with is not your husband.

The Catholic interpretation is immediate.

Initially the woman is pure and is married to a single earthy husband, which is Peter, the universal husband of all Christians on Earth, a singular husband.

But in the Great schism, the first great separation from the Catholic Church occurred , and the woman of division, as it were, divorced Peter, the true ultimate earthly husband, and took upon herself the other four apostolic sees in divorce and remarriage.

Making a total of five apostolic husbands.

But eventually, in the Protestant rebellion, the woman of division apocalyptically divorced even apostolic tradition and succession, and became informally wed in in a spiritual cohabitation.

The seven letters of apocalypse

Incidentally, also, if we consider fornication in the Book of Revelation in the seven letters, to be a symbol of this kind of informal spiritual cohabitation,

Then in the two letters that mention this, which is to say the third and the 4th,

The fornication can refer to Protestant or proto Protestantism.

We don't have the space here for the full analysis, I will do it later,

But , for now, it is necessary to realize that the way I see it, the basis of providing a rigorous interpretation of the seven letters, is to correlate them to the seven Great scenes of the dragon in Apocalypse.

Which form, then, seven great ways to delineate church history in the ages.

In this view, the third letter is the Middle Ages, or the scene when the woman flies away to a rest from the dragon with the wings of the eagle

Now, Greece had four wings in Daniel 7, and I see four great natural elevations of the mind in Greek culture that the Catholic Church borrowed profoundly in the Middle Ages

The four things of Greece were philosophy, art, drama, and Athletics.

Sure enough, two incredibly wonderful aspects of the Catholic church in the Middle Ages were incredibly enhanced by first, the philosophy of the Greeks, and then the idolatrous art of the Greeks , where the church took the blasphemous pagan idols of Greece and transformed them into Glorious statues of Saints, angels, and the Christ in sacred art, which wonderfully enhanced the culture of the Catholic Church as the dominating force of the Middle Ages in the West. Too, she supernaturally glorified greek philosophy in scholasticism.

And yet in the midst of this age, proto protestantism began with , as it were, Hus Wycliffe , and the waldenzies.

The third letter incidentally also mentions fornication in baal n balak, which would then be the first fulfillment of the proto Protestant movement as the spiritual fornication of protestant ministers to their flock.

The succeeding dragon scene is the great epic flood that the dragon spews after the woman and under that she may be carried away by it.

Obviously what comes out of the mouth of the dragon is not literal armies but the spiritual lies of heresy and error., To be tossed to and throw by every wave of doctrine.

Hence the flood can image the unleashing of the hurricane of errors that was protestantism and later also the diabolical hurricane of errors in the enlightenment and the worldly heresies attempting to find the solution to man's problems independent of religion and of only using reason a brute natural philosophy.

The Earth opened up its mouth and swallowed the river,

Now , saint Paul delineates the Church of the living God as the pillar and ground of Truth. In the sacred letter to Saint Timothy.

Hence , the Earth can symbolize the magisterium of the Catholic Church, who opens its mouth and swallows the lies of the dragon , the incredible hurricane of heresy that was protestantism and enlightenment, to spare the woman from being carried away by these errors.

Returning now to the succeeding letter to the third, which is the 4th

A whole discourse about Jezebel is considered.

Jezebel considers herself a prophetess , but she is guilty both of fornication and meat to idols

Figuratively, this is absolutely profound.

Firstly, Protestantism considered itself the true prophet of the Christ when in fact , the only true prophet remains the Catholic Church.

Once again, the fornication is spiritual and not literal, namely the spiritual cohabitation that is indicative of protestant ministers to their parishes.

What about meat to idols.

This is definitely hyperbolic and symbolic because Protestants are no wise idolaters.

They do worship Jesus in the Trinity in Truth.

Here, we must digress to the old testament, just as Jezebel is an Old Testament figure,.

Jezebel's form of worship was wrong, a wrong form of worship.

Now in Jewish times, there were really only two forms of worship , or just to say, one that was completely correct, or judaic worship, and one completely bad, or idol worship.

But in the new covenant, there is one form of worship that is completely correct, or the sacred liturgy or The Divine liturgy or the mass, however you want to refer to it--and then a form of worship that is not entirely what God desires, which is to say Protestant worship.

The sacred liturgy, is the true form of worship because it derives from the apostolic worship and tradition.

First we hear the words of God , and the legitimate priest infuses Us with these words and the correct interpretation of them that comes from the sacred tradition to help us go out and live them.

And the second part of the mass is the Eucharist, which is effectively offering God himself--body blood soul and divinity--up to the father as a complete representation of the sacrifice on the cross,

this is the true meat, the flesh and blood of God that is offered up to the father.

But Protestants mainly only have a worship service which is the word.

And since Protestant ministers do not have the sacred tradition or infallibility of Truth to guide them, what they give to their flock is not necessarily entirely the true teachings of Christ.

Moreover even if the Protestant Minister would like to offer up to God the true body and blood of Christ in a real presence, precisely because they do not have valid holy orders, they do not even have the power to transform bread and wine into the body and blood soul and Divinity of Christ.

And actually, most Protestants don't even believe that they are offering up the body and blood soul and Divinity of Christ but rather only a symbol, which all the more makes their presumed Eucharistic feast not valid, not truly desired by God.

This therefore is as it were an unwanted worship from God, however well meaning it may be.

This thing then can be the hyperbolic figurative meaning of meat to idols.

Even greater profundity persists.

Jesus says of Jezebel, and I gave her time to repent which is to say space to repent,

And she would not,

He goes on to say in harsh hyperbole, that he will kill her children with death.

In short , I will summarize here how I feel this can be viewed

Right after the Protestant rebellion, Jesus gave a reform, a great reform, to the church through the true Reformation, the Catholic Reformation.

Morally her clergy were cleaned up in one of the greatest ecumenical councils in the history of the church, the apocalyptic council of Trent, which convened and answered the innumerable heresies of protestantism , and established great wonderful dogmas to defend the church and answer the errors of the heretical rebellion.

This can be the profound space or time that Jesus gives to protestantism to turn back to the church.

Unfortunately there was no enmasse return of protestantism and reunion to the church.

That is, the woman did not repent.

Now we have her children are killed with death.

Unbelievably profound as follows.

Remember, the dragon scene of the flood, is not merely the supernatural heresies confounded by Protestants like a hurricane, but also the countless worldly heresies when the world dies a supernatural death and clings only to reason and stoic human efforts to find the meaning of human life.

This was clearly the very result of protestantism, since the great and unfathomable confounding of Christian doctrine, the divisions , the hatreds , the wars etc, all these things unbelievably scandalized the world about Christianity

Consequently, a great portion of humanity rejected the gospel and all supernaturally conceived religion, in favor of an only natural form of religion and natural philosophy , which is to say,v only following reason and human stoic efforts to find fulfillment and meaning the lifes questions.

Hence, the so-called supernatural death of enlightenment deism rationalism the French revolution Masons and the countless philosophies and ideas based upon merely worldly wisdom divorced of the supernatural, was the result of protestantism.

Again, a supernatural death, since humanity no longer believes in supernatural Revelation or salvation from God.

They believe that God's truths can be known by a mere natural philosophy or reason alone.

And they believe that man can pull himself up by his bootstraps to do that which is good, apart from supernatural salvation and Grace.

This, in conclusion, can be the profound meaning of, and I will kill Jezebel's children with death.

That is, the afterbirth of Jezebel's appearance was the supernatural death of the world in the loss of faith in supernatural essence of religion and clinging only the natural knowledge or reason and natural human efforts apart from salvation

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