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Danger in Rejecting God

Society as a whole seems to have a deep desire to out right dislike God. It is a strong desire and push to out right reject everything God has ever done for us in this life. A desire to abandon Him for the rewards that the world has to offer. Yet those rewards lead to a place of total despair. We see this almost everyday the more society seeks to remove God from the public square.

As times moves on the result of this rejection is that things will get progressively worse with the state of the world. As a society we have become spiritually bankrupt. We are starting to see the rewards of that bankruptcy. When God is no longer a focus or a priority in our lives. The evil one constantly seeks to fill the void that we have willingly allowed to be created. We push God out of the way, and by that same understanding, turn our back to Him. 

This creates a path that the evil one easily takes advantage of. This is because the world is no longer afraid of the punishment of hell. No longer understanding what it means. No longer afraid of sin that takes us down that dangerous path. Nor is the world afraid of the final judgment of our souls that awaits us. To even think about these things becomes for us an uncomfortable truth. The majority of people right now don't accept or believe that there is a spiritual war going on. We have lost sight of what is truly important. Replacing it by embracing the sins of the world. Instead of embracing Jesus Christ our Savior.

As followers of Christ we must remain strong and not give into supporting this sins of evil. For the reward for such actions is by no means pleasant. The gate to Heaven as always been a narrow path. While the road to hell is as wide as the rivers. It has always been our choice on which path we take. Taking the time to think about that fact should scare you more than anything else going on in the world right now. -

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