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Don’t Look to Me for Creative Investment Ideas!

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

Decades ago, when my younger sister and I were teens, we struck on a hopeful enterprise to make a lot of money. Or so we thought. We designed and had dozens of tee shirts made with the obnoxious “Gag Me with a Spoon” logo. Of course it failed; we didn’t sell a single shirt. If even a few are languishing in her closet still, I’d be amazed. Who would want to invest in, much less sport a distasteful symbol of rebellion? Not I, in my wiser years. But currently...I'm rethinking the proposition. Look around you at the Church in our modern world. We might sell those tees like hotcakes nowadays. (Or maybe not; I never was good at business.)

There is a great deal to make one gag, as displeasing as the notion may be, over the current state of affairs between the faithful and the hierarchy selling out the faith...for what? Political bowls of porridge? Friends in high places? Short-term monetary gain? Many of these reasons share a common thread: depreciation of Catholic truth and love for Our Lord.

One author notes, correctly in my opinion, that “the Church today is suffering from a false prioritization of 'community’ and ‘relationships’ above institutions and laws.” [1] Indeed, that our spiritual leaders are willing to put on a show for “ecumenical dialog” by appointing pro-abortion non-believing members into the Pontifical Academy for Life (PAL) as another commentator points out [2], well, this is enough to turn any faithful Catholic’s stomach sour. Mind you, PAL was instituted by Pope St. John Paul II to defend the dignity of human life. Instead, Pope Francis has redirected its purpose to fostering “ interdisciplinary, intercultural, and interreligious dialogue.” What about the babies? Presumably, they will sort themselves out; but first, it seems we need to have a hearty dialog with those who don’t appreciate the birthing of them. If that doesn’t turn your stomach…anyone for Pepto Bismol?

I think for a married couple, it would be more than disillusioning to wake up one day and find out your spouse is not your friend. I can think of few worse marital traumas than to realize you cannot be compatible with a life partner because your priorities are in mortal conflict. And yet, that seems to be the case between the faithful and our Church leadership: bishops are selling us out for gain, political or otherwise. The priority of many Churchmen seems no longer to be about saving souls, but rather, more about "community" and "dialog," going along so we can all get along.

Recall that religion is that discipline by which we hold ourselves accountable to God. And politics is that discipline by which we hold ourselves accountable to other men. Now you tell me which is more important. But with the current disregard for fidelity to Catholic teaching, such as the incursion of LGBTQ+ friendly policies from unfaithful prelates in their openness to homosexuality as a Christian lifestyle, or that clergy would provide the Eucharist to non-believers as a way of bridging our differences…all of these infidelities are more than an insult to believers--they are on assault on God.

So what do you think, because at the moment I'm having a hard time deciding: when the Lord looks at His Church today, do you imagine He might want to borrow one of my tees?



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