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Updated: Dec 4, 2022

I had a daydream about passing through doorways. Countless doorways in a space without visible boundaries. The scene itself was hazy, the background dark, unclear. Stairs ran here and there connecting the doors (like neural pathways that link thoughts to one another), and I passed through several of them only to find the experience was leading to an infinite series of possible future experiences. Which is not a bad thing in itself, but one uses a door for the express purpose of passing through from one place to another with the goal of getting somewhere. This endless connecting without apparent purpose was quickly becoming a source of frustration. I stopped opening the doors and paused in passing through them.

As I woke, I wondered: What is my dream suggesting? Perhaps it is a metaphor about news, events and ideas I encounter in life and online? So many doorways, practically speaking countless experiences or opportunities to enter in and interact with others--and most of them chance encounters that could prove meaningful or rewarding. Following the white rabbit down the rabbit hole might have been exhilarating for Alice; for me an introvert, however, it is often draining and distracting. Where is that darn rabbit headed? Do I really want to follow? Doors I've opened in the past have not always resulted in warm and honest receptions. So, now, I look for doors with windows, as I stroll down familiar venues with signs that reward rather than punish. "Visitors welcome!" "For Sale by Owner!" "Yield your firstborn before you may enter!" (Thankfully, I've not seen that last sign yet but fear it may be drawing close.) Some websites are safe; others pose inimitable dangers and discouragement. (Looking at you, liberal mass media.) Windows where I might peer in, as with articles and comments that engage and enlighten, help me discern whether I really want to stop and visit or move on. There is a plethora of possibilities, but many of these may prove to be of limited interest. Often, I don't even know what I am searching for. The Catholic Church stands open to visitors, and as an outlet, so too this website and here, my blog. I have steaming coffee or hot chocolate and biscotti, offer comfortable chairs and reading lamps, and hope to provide worthwhile reading material. Come in, sit and chat if you wish; I am available and open for engaging conversation to take place. But as for endless browsing? Not so much. Now and then, I will set my explorer's cap aside and settle in to a comfortable chair, awaiting a friendly and inquisitive passerby instead to come tap-tap-tapping at my door that reads: "Questions and Comments Welcome!"

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