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Episode 16: The Sacraments part 1

In this episode I begin discussing the sacraments. The sacraments are mostly exclusive to the Catholic Church (with the exception of Baptism and Marriage) and are a big part of what differentiates between Catholicism and protestantism. I explain what and why we believe based on the bible and the writings of the early Church.

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1 Comment

Thank you for this judson I really appreciate your honesty and big heart in this

I would just like to make one suggestive correction not trying to be mean but just to make a statement that I believe to be true which is that the Orthodox Christians also have valid apostolic succession even though they are in schism

So they also possess valid bishops and therefore valid priests and holy orders and it's all seven sacraments like us

But admittedly they are in schism and if a Orthodox person becomes convinced in their conscience that the Catholic church is true then they are under serious obligation to join her otherwise loss of salvation and of course we know that

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