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Fighting Anxiety

You never fully understand what anxiety is like until you have to face it directly. The worse part is that even when you know it's happening their is very little you can do until it settles down or you take steps to minimize the impact. It can either creep up on you slowly. Or it can strike all at once.

Doesn't help that even if you know the triggers it can be an extremely unpleasant experience. You are fighting yourself at every turn. Every moment your system is in full red alert. The waves of fear can overwhelm you to the point it is hard to focus on the task at hand. It is completely irrational. It can also be scary. More so when your in the middle of it.

Once the main wave is finished and things start to settle down. You can be on edge for more than a few days. That fear in the back of your mind while your foot is on the gas of the car trying to maintain a safe speed. It can be difficult to deal with life because it won't take much to cause things to get out of control.

Some in the church feel that anxiety is about a lack of faith and trust in God. Which is completely wrong. This is something that goes beyond the daily anxieties of life. It isn't even a spiritual issue. You can have the strongest faith out of anyone and total trust in God and still get taken down by an anxiety attack. What is happening is that something is causing a short circuit in the brain. Creating a massive fear response when nothing is present to cause it.

All you can do is hope, pray, and try and focus on riding out the storm the best you can. Though it is not always easy. However at some point the anxiety will subside and things will calm down. Until the next round.

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