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God In Politics

Updated: May 16, 2022

I have a great interest in politics. I've always had. Growing up in the 6 counites in Ireland that remain under British rule it was part of the fabric of everyday living. I though as an Irish Republican feel though there is no party that represents me or truly represents what the leaders of the 1916 rising envisioned.

The British and IRA were not just in a war of violence but in a battle for the hearts and minds of the public. A battle both were losing, both wanted to win the moral high ground but their actions did not reflect any kind of decency.

By dividing Ireland the British committed a great injustice. The Protestant community in the North said it was a Protestant country for a Protestant people. Catholics in the North felt sold out, and cast aside by everyone. We were wronged, and I don't care what anyone says that is the truth.

The leaders of the 1916 rising wanted a country that had the right to self determination for all the people of this island. All of them were Catholic and believed in a Christian nation under God, but none of them were sectarian.

All the Irish government ever did was pay lip service to the men of 1916, Ireland could have been united a long time ago. All the South would've had to have done was move their army up over the border and taken it. The British would have done nothing, not with the eyes of the world on them. Also now they would be quite happy to be shot of the 6 counties. They would hand it over tomorrow if they could without losing face, the Southern Irish government are silently praying they don't, they don't really want a united Ireland either. The have to pretend they do though to keep the people happy.

Western civilisation has it's foundation set in Christianity, namely the Catholic Church. It was the Church that gave us the university system we have today, it was the Church that gave us the hospital system we have today. The Catholic Church made education and healthcare widely available to the general public, even to those who were not Catholic.

I have over the years seen good things in some political parties and I could see that much of what they sought aligned with what I sought. So I would maybe sign up to said party. After awhile though something would come up, were the party would be too PC, not wanting to offend a certain group, or certain people.

For instance maybe they would stop having prayer before a party meeting, because someone did not like it. Or they didn't want to say anything against same sex marriage, that is far too much of a sensitive topic. God couldn't be referenced because, we're not a 'religious' party.

All of Western Europe is based in Christianity, to hell with those who are offended by Christianity. They tell us 'why should we have to follow laws that come from Christians', well I say rubbish to the nonsense. Why do we have to go along with secularised idealism.

Morality needs God, if there is not God then it is all just the opinion of men. Why should I accept your opinion? You yourself tell me it is not founded in some superior authority. Were as I am saying my beliefs are, therefore we should follow the laws of this superior authority. Morality is not subjective, it is objective, morality cannot change with times. Just because people accept more and more immoral things, that doesn't mean they are less immoral. God has to be brought back to the political realm, we should not be afraid of our Christian heritage. We bend over backwards to allow false religions to have their say, because we don't want to be seen as xenophobic or to allow secularists and atheists say what they like. They though can say what they like about us Christians. They gaslight us, telling how we discriminate against them, they can talk about us and the laws in our countries, that they want to live in. Make no mistake these people do not want equality they want preferential treatment.

The whole world is going to pot, and it's because out of some sort of false compassion we are afraid to offend anyone, or to tell someone they are wrong.

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