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"God is God"

I went to bed late last night, and to my recollection, didn't fall asleep. My mind wandered aimlessly until predawn light began to filter through my bedroom windows, and it occurred to me that if I didn't fall asleep soon I'd begin to feel frustrated or cheated. That's when the following odd story came to me:

People lived in a settlement with nothing peculiar to note, when suddenly a fire broke out in their fields and their crops burned to the ground. They began to weep, when one person said out loud, "God is God, and nothing else matters." That seemed to calm things down.

The next day, rains came and washed away all the livestock, but again, before lamenting took over, another person said aloud, "God is God, and nothing else matters."

The day after that, the muddy roads dried up and half the people left to find a new home. And one person remaining behind thought to himself, "God is God, and nothing else matters."

What a curious little story! My first thought was that I'd heard it before, but honestly, only the pattern felt familiar. I reflected how this tale resembled one of the Lord's parables, which don't always have a conclusive meaning. Like, who thinks of a harvest that yields 30, 60 or 100 fold? Does one get to pick? Hoping that I had been presented with a pearl of great price, I lay there in bed with my eyes still shut, turning my thoughts this way and that, trying to figure out what hidden message would disclose itself. No insight came, so I squeezed the idea like a coin, hoping for an additional impression or insight. Nothing more occurred than the thought alone, which was certainly good enough by itself. I decided to carry it with me throughout the day and gave up the idea of sleep altogether.

Yes, my mind may seem odd, my thoughts quite curious, but honestly, does anything else matter, other than that God is God, when you're lying in bed half asleep or at any other time? Life is full of possible choices and when death comes, choice will be taken away and the fruit of one's life will be made manifest. Heaven or hell will then become one's eternal destiny. And with all of that, even if the most amazing and indescribable experiences follow, what really matters, other than that God is God?

"Let the heavens be glad and the earth rejoice; let sea resound, and all that fills it...Let all creation rejoice before the Lord" (Ps. 96:11, 13).

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