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Irish Republicanism and Leftist ideology.

Updated: May 16, 2022

Socialism and Communism how did it get so entrenched in the mind of the Irish Catholic population? Well it came by way of freemasonry an evil secret organisation that the Catholic Church has condemned many times in the past. In the early 20th century the freemasons were behind the bolshevik revolution in Russia, the red wave had taken hold. People all over the world got sucked into this notion that there could be equality for all. That no man stands above another. The only problem with that though, not all men are equal, they are all equal in dignity, but not all equal in their skills and attributes.

Irish Catholics were discriminated against in Ireland by the Protestant gentry, since King Henry VIII betrayed the faith. It only got worse under Elizabeth 1st who enforced the penal laws. So when the idea of socialism/communism came along later it was appealing to a people who were mistreated, used and abused. An ideology of every man being treated and entitled to the same. The only problem with that, who is in charge then? who has the power? You see there always has to be some kind of power base, some organisation or individual has to dictate how things are. With communism/socialism this is the state. The state is the ultimate authority.

Socialism/communism is all about the hive, the individual is lost. It's all group justice, when you have to prefix the word justice with another word then it is no longer justice. Social justice, what does that exactly mean? It means taking a group and applying a pass, or making concessions towards a person just because they are affiliated with a certain type. So someone might gain employment not because of their merit but because of their sexual orientation, or the colour of their skin, or their religion. This is done to OPPOSE discrimination. Everything is back to front.

This is how socialism got into Catholic Ireland, and black America. Where I grew up in Ireland it was an unemployment black spot. This was the case for lots of Irish Catholics, even before and after they established the border separating the 6 counties. Even though the Catholic schools performed better than their Protestant counter parts Catholics still could not gain employment. After the divide Protestant politicians in the North said it was a Protestant state for a Protestant people. Blacks in the US were also treated the same way, and so began the civil rights marches.

However even though there was high unemployment within the Catholic community it was leftist political parties that pushed for better benefits for the unemployed. Financial assistance to families, that were finding it hard. This is how they attracted the people to them, but all this does is make a people more dependant on the state. The hook was baited and we swallowed it hook line and sinker.

What really needed to change was not to have quotas, but to have simply the best person for the job. If you make the grade you're hired, if not you're not. Your religion, your skin colour, or sexual orientation should play no part in it.

What they did here and the US was make it that employers HAD to employ a certain percentage of Catholics in large companies in the North of Ireland. In the US they had it that employers HAD to employ so many people of certain colour etc. Social justice is not real justice it's discrimination.

Most of the men of the 1916 Easter rising were not influenced by this false justice. They were influenced by their Catholic faith. In recent times they've spewed lies about the great Padraig Pearse, why? Because they fear what he represented. They fear a man who is principled and has conviction. I believe him to be a saint. I only wish I had as much courage and conviction as him.

Now many people will say James Connolly was a great socialist. James Connolly was a well intentioned idealistic man with great intentions, just like many of us who were duped by socialism at the start. It all sounds good on the surface. What most so called Irish Republicans are unaware of is that James Connolly while they were still in prison before any of them had been executed, had reverted back to his faith, and he received the Sacraments. Upon hearing this Padraig Pearse wept with joy.

Now it is obvious to every man and his dog that Irish Republicanism now is highly influenced by leftist propaganda. Don't believe that was always the way. That may have always been there in a small way, but now it is prevalent. Pushing LGBTQ nonsense, pushing abortion, euthanasia.

The Ireland of old is gone.

The type of priest who would've risked his life to offer the Sacrifice of the mass, for the most part is gone. The type of people who risked their livelihood to attend mass they are for the most part gone. When Cromwell came and tried to force them to deny their faith and they wouldn't, those type are almost completely gone. Those who were offered soup during the famine if they denounced their faith and refused to do so, those types are all but a memory. This was once the land of saints and scholars, the place that saved Western civilisation. When all of Western Europe was succumbing to Protestantism Ireland and the Irish held fast. This generation should feel a great shame at the stain we have left upon our once proud and noble history.

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