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"John Big"

Today, the feast of the Sacred Heart, merits two posts. One here for the love God inspires and a second sharing simply how to consecrate your family to the Sacred Heart.

When I lived close to the beach, I enjoyed sinking my toes in the sand as the waves lapped around my feet. Often, too, I would hike along the shoreline on an elevated stretch of grass with railing and sidewalk that goes on for about a mile. When I want to enjoy a magnanimous vista of the glorious sea, rolling in fullest pride, I'd take the walk with the view.

This particular morning, I happened to take the scenic route and noticed this time that someone had written in the sand with big block letters: "God loves you, John Big"!

Well, my usually active imagination went to work, full tilt. I could picture some young lady rising early in the morning, before school, most likely, running down a flight of concrete steps to the sea, inscribing for all the world to witness the testimony of her love and devotion for this young man she was so taken with. The letters were large, probably the length of a person lying down and stretched out.

Now, if I were John Big, and I saw my girl friend had written that for me, my heart would swell and, if the timing was right...I'd be a fool not to blindfold her and walk her carefully down to propose to her right there on "our" spot. Such unfettered love and devotion! Secretly, I began to feel the beginnings of an irrational envy for Mr. Big, lucky to have the love of his life so proud and public about professing her affections for him.

And while imagining all of eyes focused...more and more on the style letters...until my head spun.

And I began laughing to myself over my new friend, "Mr. Big."

Like seeing a puzzle solved clearly, I found myself reading the sandy letter as though for the first time:

God loves you, John 3:16.

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