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Leiningen vs. the Ants

Here is a classic American story, later made into a movie, with a plot rousing and robust, certain to excite and inspire the human spirit, about a plantation owner in Brazil who fights an army of ants to save his employees and farm and himself. Imagine a swath of army ants, two miles wide and ten miles long, that rises every few decades and consumes anything and everything in its path. How could one man and his workers resist, much less, survive such a tsunami of nature? Honestly, whenever I recall this story, my spine starts tingling--it's that good! Here's the link if you wish to read it online. Leiningen Versus the Ants--Carl Stephenson (1893-1954) ( Now, imagine, as I am doing now, an army of Catholics, marching under the banner of Our Lady as champion raising and rallying an army of God's children world-wide to resist Satan and even thrive as they oppose monstrous forces of destruction and deceit, facing death bravely with the rallying cry of the rosary and the garb of the scapular in holy purity! Satan trembles with fear at the thought and would do anything to dissuade us from pursuing such a noble goal. But it is not so much to defeat the enemy as to glorify our wondrous Trinity moving under the mantle of Mary that we would assemble for the honor of family, faith and freedom. The idea has been introduced by Sean and Jenny online here, as it has by countless others like the Blue Army in my grandmother's time: "Building Up Mary's Army." I suggest we let the notion sort, settle, ferment and rise with enthusiastic vigor in our souls, in minds and voices raised together with the battle cry first introduced to the world as a gentle and salutary greeting by an archangel of God: "Ave Maria!"

Onward, Christian Soldiers, to the glory of our eternal home!

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