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Organized Religion? Or Something Greater?

Some would say that being Catholic is following "organized religion." To call that is to really minimize the importance of what our faith should mean to us. Being Catholic is not so much following something specific. Rather it is a way of life that is both challenging, encouraging, and rewarding. If offers up a framework on how to live our lives in a world that is full of endless chaos.

The Catholic faith has the teachings of the church. It also has the Bible as our road map to a path that is greater than this life has to offer. By following the teachings it shows us how to enter our eternal reward. Our lives are here but for a moment. We are on spiritual journey that will lead us to Heaven or to Hell depending on our choices. It is a challenge at times. Often because of the demands of the world that wants us to reject God and our Savior Christ. Or because of our own personal views that interfere with God's great plan for us. Yet though it all. God gives us that great choice. To follow Him or to follow the world.

The teachings of the church and Bible can offer hope and encouragement. Many accounts of the Bible of God giving hope to those who are struggling. Times when it seems that all hope is lost. Yet God reminds us of His presence. Even the disciples of Christ knew this. Given the few accounts of when the storm was at it's worse. Looking though the history of the church we also see this in the lives of the Saints. Amazing things that have taken place. Such has Miracle of the Sun. Or the numerous healing that have been recorded by many Saints. Including the ones connected to Blessed Solanus Casey. Reminders of God's love or us that offer us great hope.

As for our reward? A sense of purpose in a troubled world. A sense of peace in the middle of the storm. Yet our main reward awaits us later. For life is a momentary journey that leads to something greater. Should we be willing to accept the invitation. The road going forward is always difficult. Yet the rewards that await us are well worth the challenges and struggles.

Being Catholic should be more than following rules and regulations. Rather it should be a way of life that leads us to something that is far greater than ourselves. It should lead us to fully embracing Christ in all things. Being thankful to God for all that He has given us. Some would argue that being Catholic is following some kind of religion. Yet it is something that is far more important.

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