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Other worlds? What is up with that?

If there are other worlds we have to ask ourselves did they fall or not, and if they did fall, would their history be radically different from ours?

I would argue that because the nature of the Fall would be the exact same as ours in these worlds, and if they received an Incarnation, that the general basic ages would be the same as ours.

I argue this about an abstract world in my writings of a book.

Nevertheless, I don't think that such a world would interact with ours because then the question would be, Did they receive an Incarnation or are they waiting for us to bring them ours?

That's just stupid.

There is nothing in divine revelation that says that we would bring an Incarnation to another world because if they didn't receive any Incarnation but fell, and were not given any divine revelation or revelation, then they wouldn't last long. why? Because in Noah's day, they would destroy themselves. That's why God sent the flood. This is because the result of spiritual death is physical death! If God didn't send the flood, humanity would have killed themselves off!

Hence if a fallen world is not disciplined by God in the same manner, it will implode and destroy itself and die off.

But what if another world did fall and then was to receive an Incarnation, we would want to ask, could its history be radically different from ours? Here I argue that their history would be exactly like Catholic church history of our world in terms of greater spiritual phases of activity.

I do this in my book, but I will summarize here.

My take on aliens is this: I'm writing a book about that if there was any world that fell and was going to receive an Incarnation, that effectively it's greater ages spiritually would be the same as our ages, which is to say that it's world would have a Catholicism just like ours with no exceptions.

How? Let us probe it.

Firstly, there would have to be a prefiguring covenant because God would have to speak to the creatures where they are at, with pictures, before giving them the abstract realities in the Incarnate one.

Then the Incarnate one would have to establish the same kind of leadership as our world , namely, first Implied Poetic Revelation, or the Scriptures, and then Explicit Rigorous Revelation, like the Tradition, then mediating fathers in general , and then a supreme mediating father to symbolize the universal father of all.

And that, therefore, would mean that the ages of the steps of doctoral development would be the same. Finally, we can argue that the way of the saint would be the same in this world. This would establish that, apocalyptically, that both peoples of old and new would walk this way of the saint historically.

Finally, although there would be three greater ages of old and new, the prefiguring people and the new people walking the way of the saint historically, there would also have to be two preliminary ages for all of the creatures, that would involve them following the two primary lies of the Fall, which are the anti-baptismal disposition and then the apocalyptic anti-marital disposition, or materialism;

The anti-baptismal disposition would be no faith and no repentance, as in Noah’s day.

Then the apocalyptic anti-marital disposition, or materialism, would be living for this world rather than the next, as in Babel, choosing to figuratively fornicate spiritually with the creation rather than seeking to marry the Creator in the next life.

These two great lies of the Fall follow the two great principles that we exist:

Firstly to know and to love God in this life or faith and repentance, and then to be happy with God in the next life, or the eternal marriage of Heaven.

This would therefore delineate eight total phases of darkness and light in the world.

Five of he Old law and three in the New: Just like Saint Augustine and st Methodius of Olympus testify tying the days of creation as ages of the world.

The preeminent ages

1. The anti-baptismal age near total wickedness of the world no faith no repentance, then the cleansing

2. The anti-marital materialistic age, followed by a confounding and God’s betrothel to the prefiguring people

The way of the saint for the prefiguring people

3. The purgative dark night of the senses the enslavement of the prefiguring people and the Deliverance into the kingdom and Prophets Or the illuminative way of light

4. The dark night of the soul the intermediate unfaithfulness of the prefiguring people

5. The unitive way of the prefiguring people the great repentance in in the chastisement and their rebuilding of the of the place of worship followed by martyrdom the age of the persecution of Old Testament Antichrist or an analogy to Maccabees

The first coming of the incarnate one

The way of the saint for the new people of God

6. The purgative dark night of the senses: the persecution of the people by the universal evil Kingdom, followed by the illuminative way of light the development of doctrine of the church seven primary steps, see below.

7. The dark night of the soul for the new people, the unfaithfulness of the general nations to the gospel followed by the glorious renewal of chastisement for the reunion of the divided people of God in the age of peace

8. The unitive way of darkness The great unfaithfulness of the nations and the martyrdom of Incarnate people by new testament Antichrist followed by the second coming of the Incarnate one, the end of the world

The ages of doctrinal development would be seven starting with the trinitarian and christological heresies, then working down the great pyramid of Catholic sources of Truth down to reason which ends with the minor apostasy the total godless age.

  1. Attack Trinity and Incarnation in part

  2. Attack Trinity and incarnation in full or the intendment to Islam

  3. Attack supreme apostolic successor or the great schism

  4. Attack the general apostolic succession in part through sowing iniquity within the college

  5. First Great Woe, attack the general apostolic succession and sacred tradition in full by the radical rejection of them the Great heretical rebellion

  6. The second Great Woe, the great supernatural death of the world and descend into merely natural goodness, because the supreme confounding of the doctrines of the Incarnate one in the Great heretical rebellion causes the world to lose faith in the Incarnate one and to only believe in natural law and natural truth, or reason alone, hence akin to the enlightenment, deism rationalism and myriads of philosophical ideas confouding reason and a perverse seeking of science since humanity no longer cares about religion and only the creation

  7. The dark night of the soul for the people of the Incarnate one, even the rejection of reason itself hence the denial even of the creator, or atheism,or relativism the denial of objective truth.


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