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Prayer is important.

Prayer. Such an important part of what it means to be Catholic (Christian). Yet many would tell you that it is a worthless effort. They would love to spend time on top of rooftops and scream about how empty the worse of prayer are. A total waste of time that does nothing over all. As the world become more removed from God. You see this more and more.

However prayer is by no means empty or a waste of time to those who truly believe in what it can do. We who openly proclaim Jesus Christ as our Savior and Redeemer believe in something far greater and more important than ourselves. We openly accept and embrace that their are things in this life far more important than our own wants and desires. We embrace the Cross and commit ourselves to following the teachings of the church. Doing what we can to hold firm to the Good News of Christ!

As we spend our time in prayer. We who follow Christ have an understanding that we are by no means perfect. Which is why we need to walk with Christ daily. This is something that helps me understand why prayer is important. It allows me to have a deeper focus on what goes on around me. Seeking a deeper and profound wisdom of events in my life. Both the good and the bad times.

From a personal perspective prayer is an important spiritual tool that I have against the forces that would seek to destroy me from within. It is an understanding that we cannot get from the world around us. More so in moments when fear and anxiety over ride our sensibilities. Contrary to what most would say. Prayer is not about God providing "magical answers." Rather is about providing clarity from a spiritual perspective.

I rely on prayer in my daily walk with Christ. It helps me on this journey of life. Showing me paths that in my own mind I cannot always see. Giving me a much needed sense of peace. Even when I feel, at times, like the walls are closing in around me. I feel better over all when I take the time to pray. Not just when things are in a state of chaos. Even when times are decent. Offering up prayers of thanksgiving for the things going well. Such is the nature of being a follower of Christ. Prayer is our anchor.

We live in very troubling times. Events both at home and on the world stage are unfolding in such ways that it can shake us to the core of who we are. It is the reason why we pray. For peace in our own hearts. Prayer of compassion for those around us. Even when they show hatred. Prayers of strength to handle things in our lives. Prayers for wisdom so we can do the right thing. Along with prayers of courage so we can face our darkest fears.

Christ is the light that shines in the darkness. We who proclaim Christ as our Savior carry that light in our hearts. My personal motto is "Surrender to Christ All things." Even when we are mocked for our understanding of prayer. -

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