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Show 27: Why Christians Do Not Follow Torah Law, part 3 - The Epistle of Barnabas

In this episode I talk more about the Epistle of Barnabas, which dates to around 100 AD. This was either written by Saint Barnabas or one of his disciples/students. Regardless, it makes clear that Christians no longer followed Torah Law. Not only is Sunday worship commanded but this, one of the earliest writings of Christianity, proposes that the Mosaic Law may have been given in parables.... much as when Jesus spoke to the Jews, He spoke in parables.... Barnabas says that Moses did not command the Jews not to eat pork, but not to associate with men who act like pigs, etc.... but to eat ruminants, like the Lamb of God. He also says that the Temple of the Jews was utterly destroyed and the Law with it, because there is a new Temple, which is Jesus Christ and a new Law, a new covenant, a new Church, a new man in the new sabbath, which is Sunday.

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