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Show 39: Freemasonry and Progressivism, enemies of the Church - part 2

In this episode I continue to discuss the Masonic Order and the Progressive, Communist, Socialist, Humanist, Nazi, Fascist, Transhumanist, New World Order, anti-Catholic and anti-Christian (in general) movements it has spawned, that is the greatest source of evil in the world

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I'm happy to report that George Washington was brought into the Holy Roman Catholic Church by Fr. Neale, a Jesuit, who was brought to Washington's bedside as he lay dying. George for many years always had a portrait of Our Lady hanging on the wall of his dining room. Freemasons there for dinner would complain, but George would never take it down. Visitors to his estate always noticed it hanging at Mt. Vernon until the 1960's when it was removed to the attic. The Freemasons may have won that skirmish, but George won heaven!!

Judson Carroll
Judson Carroll

I never knew that - that is great!

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