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Show 52: Why all Christians should love the Mother of God

In this episode, I talk about the Blessed Virgin Mary. She is the Mother of God and our mother as brothers and sisters in Christ. She is the Queen of Heaven and the greatest of all saints. Through her, Jesus came into the world. She loves each one of us and prays for each one of us. She crushes Satan's head. Every Christian has access to her help and affection as part of the family of God. The saints are more alive in Heaven than we are on earth. They care about us. They pray for us and they love us. As Saint Paul said, "we are srruounded by so great a cloud of witnesses" ready and willing to help us, and Mary is the greatest of all the saints. This podcast is mainly based on the article, "In Defence of the Virgin, The Queen of Heaven" which may be read here "The Pope Head" newsletter is extremely good and I urge you to subscribe:

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