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Signs Of The Times.

Updated: May 14, 2022

Padre Pio's famous quote of 'Pray, hope, and don't worry' is one we should all adhere to. I am not worrying as such but I do feel anxious about things in this current climate.

The Church is on her knees. It is riddled with cowardly Bishops and priests. I honestly believe currently there are more bad clerics than good ones. The only time the Bishops act is to crack down on anything orthodox, all the liberal shite of the day can continue though.

There is nothing humanly possible we can do to turn things around at this stage. That does not mean we should not try. Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen's path to Sainthood was in my opinion deliberately delayed using underhanded techniques by some Bishops. Ask yourself why is this?

The reason for this is because his messages are for this time. He spoke of the threat of communism. He spoke of the threat of minority of elites taking control. He was aware that globalism was on the rise. He knew how important it is to be a patriot to one's own country.

Archbishop Fulton Sheen also stated the time would come when the laity would have to remind their Bishops how to be Bishops, and their priests how to be priests. Well guess what, we are in those times. If your priest says something that is not true challenge them. A Fr. Barney a priest in Ballycastle Co. Antrim in Glenshesk chapel spouted rubbish. He said 'let me assure you that there is no purgatory' that is utter nonsense that is a dogmatic teaching. We as Catholics are required to believe that. I challenged him after the mass about what he said. This was a couple of years ago, I wish now I had reported him to the Bishop, next time you hear any priest spew this rubbish challenge them and report them.

We are not there to hear their personal opinions, they are there to offer the Sacrifice of the mass, and to inform us in true Church teaching. Many of the priests have become covid priests talking how we need to get the jab. If they stop the Sacraments again faithful Catholics must unite and tell them that they must not do so. We must pressure our Bishops to keep the chapels open and allow us to avail of all the Sacraments.

There has always been talk of a time when there would only be a remnant of faithful, well we are it. We are in those times. Families are divided over the jab. The Church is divided, it is Bishop against Bishop, Cardinal against Cardinal. Our lady has warned us of this very time we are in on many occasions.

Do not be afraid to speak up and speak out, souls are at stake. The enemy is doing their best to get all their ducks in a row to take control. People must resist, we must pray our rosary daily. Pray all the mysteries if you can, but if not possible try and at least say one set of mysteries.

We are up against it, the media is against us, governments are against us, even our own ecclesiastical Church is against us. Remain in communion with the Church though. There is no salvation outside the Church, you reform from within not without.

Our enemy is organised and they are fighting us on many fronts, and it can all seem overwhelming, and it is. As Fulton Sheen also once said they have all fervour and no truth were as we Catholics have all truth and no fervour.

We must support each other, we must organise, we should have more public rosaries. We need to be more connected. As far as I can see it is mostly women that are holding up the faith, where are the men? Fathers need to lead their families in the faith. Fathers need to lead their families in the rosary.

Ireland needs more Frank Duffs, or Fr. Patrick Peytons.

We are drowning in liberal progressivism. Ireland has for the most part completely and utterly lost the faith and the Bishops and priests don't seem to give one shite.

When was the last time you heard a priest speak from the pulpit with conviction? With real concern for the souls of his congregation? All we hear is the usual blah, blah, blah, and then the priest thinks he has to make a 'funny' comment to get a laugh. He is not a comedian, and we are not his audience. He is an alter Christus and we are the congregation all partaking in the Sacrifice of the mass that he offers on our behalf.

We are in strange times, and nobody seems to realise the urgency of the situation we are in. If you have children think about the world you will be leaving them if we don't stand up and resist the shite that is going on now in our schools, in our governments, in the Church.

We are the resistance.

Viva Cristo Rey! Tiocfaidh ár lá (Our Day Shall Come) Truth & Tradition

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4 comentários

08 de set. de 2022

If one doesn't have feelings of dread over the present turmoil against God and the Church, one's feelings are dead. Thanks for reminding us of this, Sean; that and the personal responsibility we all carry to manifest God's presence and will in the world.


14 de mai. de 2022



Well said!

Sean Murray
Sean Murray
18 de mar. de 2022
Respondendo a

Thank you Anne.

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