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The Builder of Churches

My name is John "JM" Kraemer...

This is how I normally start off presentations when I'm at the various parishes that I visit. It kicks off a bit of a short speech that I give as it relates to the things that I'm semi known for. What I am known for on the internet and in other places is my ability and talent to build giant churches out of LEGO. In fact I've been doing this yearly for nearly twenty-five years. Building and displaying the annual "Lego Church Project".

It will take me nearly one to two months to build this from start to finish. Most times starting the Season's build in early February. Taking nearly twenty-five thousand LEGO parts of various shapes and sizes and making a fully detailed church of my own design. Complete with a full interior. The pictures don't always do this proper justice. Given that the Project itself is around 47x25x25 inches. Taking up most tables. Also weighs about 80lbs.

That is, however, only part of the story. Because my work is considered a few things. Mainly a prayer and a ministry. As I am building I am praying. Everything that on my heart gets transferred to the bricks. With each mini-figure being seated I am praying that more people would make more of an effort to come to Mass. Putting God first in their lives.

The ministry portion relates to the mission statement. That no matter what challenge or disability you face. God can still use your talents. This is a personal message that I truly believe in. Because I have a disability. In this case a mild form of cerebral palsy.

My blog articles are often reflections on how I see life and the faith. Thoughts on what is going on around me and what I see in the church. How Christ has touched my heart and impacted me in so many ways. I have a newsletter that I try and update a few times a month that has much more details about what I'm doing and why I'm doing it. This my journey and you are along for the ride. -JM

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