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Updated: Dec 4, 2022

Before doddering senility gets to me, I want to share as much as I can, even if it bears repeating. Which is why I warn you that I may have mentioned in another blog post a particular comic drawn by a classmate I find hilarious: a cartoon of an extremely corpulent man accidentally hit by a car, the car crumpled, and the man says to no one in particular: “what incredible luck!” Apart from the mirthful irony in the simple sketch, this leads to an incredibly lucky find I only today discovered about blessings previously forgotten by the Vatican II Church for Catholics and Christians alike. Previously, I'd only heard vague references about the Church's treasured Roman Martyrology. Now you can find it here: I suggest you download it in case it disappears.

The Martyrology is basically a calendar, which notes in a few words up to several paragraphs, saints of the day who were put to death for their faith. Why is this inspiring and worthy of note? That is a secular question the current young generation may ask. For seasoned believers, knowing the travails we go through just to maintain if not grow in faith, these noteworthy lives recorded and celebrated here are divine gifts. They are heroes from all ages for all ages, soldiers who have died in the battlefield but survived the war to live in glory—and I, for one, so much want to be like them: “without spot or wrinkle or blemish, wholly glorious and undefiled, whom [Jesus] loved and for whom He died, and to whom He promised the Spirit of Truth, to comfort her in her dreary pilgrimage through this valley of tears” (J. Cardinal Gibbons).

And more than heroes, the saints are models…and friends, lively familial acquaintances, should we choose to meet them through this martyrology, who exemplified the fullness of faith in God and love for neighbor—just the remedy we need today to survive in a world immersed in woke confusion and liberal illiberalities. Each day of the martyrology records particular saints (who presumably entered heaven on that day), shining with the illustrious light of their exemplary lives we desperately need with our own intellects darkened by misinformation, wills weakened with ubiquitous temptations and disordered passions fueled by hatred, fear, and dread. Please, do yourself a favor and check it out. My hope is that someday, if the Church continues to add to these noteworthy progenitors in the faith, others may someday find your name recorded therein!

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