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The Old Church

For the next several weeks I will be posting all the parts to this series I started a few years ago.

The old church stands before him as a silent witness to the events of this world. The stone on the outside is weathered and faded. It has seen countless days of the elements that have long hammered it's walls. With in those walls lies the history of our lives. Prayed out day in and day out. Endless people coming in and out of those very doors. All with a common purpose in mind: The celebration of Jesus Christ. It is enough to make the man crack a small grin as he himself walks in.

The inside of the church has changed over the years. Many times the place had been renovated and modified. Still with all that world is facing. The building remains as strong as ever. On some days the pews look good as new waiting for people to come in. A stark contrast to the often hostile world outside. Other days the pews look worn and faded. Not unlike some of the people who sit in them during Mass. People who come to the church looking for peace and sometimes answers. Though it all the old church still holds on to it's memories of the cycle of life. The man takes is own seat and marvels at what he sees. Looking around at the walls and the windows.

The church tells the story of the cycle of life. From the baptisms of the newly born. To the funerals of those who have gone home. The old church has seen the profound joys of this life. It has been witness to the tragic and sorrowful events. Sometimes it has even seen the anger and frustration of those who come in. Often due to events such as a scandal. Yet as the man looks on. He is reminded that no matter what has come. The old church remains strong. Even in the face of those challenges.

The organ beings to play the opening song and the gathered people begin to stand. The Mass has started and the old church is filled the voices of those who are singing. Though out the life of the building it has see this countless times. As the man sings his own song. It is a sound that never grows old. /fin

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