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The Old Church: Agony on the Cross

For the next several weeks I will be posting all the parts to this series I started a few years ago. This is Part 3.

The Old Church is nearly empty on a typical Sunday morning. The only exception is the man. For a little bit of time, he will be the only one present. Completely alone inside this massive building. The time of waiting will not be fully wasted. Given that it is a perfect chance to spend time in deep prayer. 

On this day the man's eyes look up to the massive crucifix that The Old Church has. It is a depiction that has been shared though out the entire history of the church. Of how God became flesh and died on the Cross. No matter how much goes on in the life of the world. The crucifix remains unchanging. It depicts Christ at the worse moment of His life. In one of the most evil and humiliating forms of punishment that existed in that time. The man's eyes look over and sees every detail. The nail marks and the sword wound. The crown of thorns that is on Christ's head. All of it telling of the agony that Christ had to entire for the salvation of the world. 

It reflects a silent agony that some of us share in. Something that we must all face in our lives at some point. Events are always unfolding around us. Sometimes they generate internal struggles. Stuff that most never get to see or will ever fully understand. In his life the man has seen and experienced his fair share. Such times in our lives that can make the strongest of believer question the existence of God. 

Yet, for the man, it seems that no matter what happens and when we feel that God is not around us. The reverse is true. God never leaves our side. Even when things get to the breaking point. The fear and the doubt are also shared in the depiction of Christ on the Cross. It is something that the man takes comfort in. Knowing that Christ Passion was not the end of the story. Rather it was just the start. He spends a few more moments in deep prayer. While looking and watching the old Crucifix that The Old Church has. A silent witness to the challenges and struggles we all face. It isn't much longer before people start to arrive and Mass will begin. Inside The Old Church. /fin

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