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The Old Church: Woman In Prayer

For the next several weeks I will be posting all the parts to this series I started a few years ago. This is Part 2.

The Old Woman sits alone inside The Old Church in one of the front pews lost in her own thoughts. It's at a time between Masses of the morning. With the exception of the lights at the Altar, The Old Church, remains dark. The old woman has on a forest green dress which is in contrast to the pure white veil she has on her head. It's the first time The Man has seen someone wearing a veil in a long time. It casts about a striking image as the woman is clearly deep into prayer. Kneeling as she lightly holds on to her Rosary while she is having private conversation with God. Her words nothing more than thin whispers.

When she is finished she looks up and gives a warm greeting to The Man. They have a short conversation while she tells more about her life and her past. She is an immigrant from a country far away with a name that has changed more than a few times. A world traveler that has seen many wonders in her nearly eighty years of life that most people would never even dream of. Content to spend her days before God during daily Mass. She tells The Man that is rare for her to skip daily Mass unless she is traveling. The Man sees in The Old Woman truth in her words. It is reflected back though her eyes. Her dedication to prayer that is never ceasing. It is clear that she seeks to know more about the Mysteries of Our Faith. Such a devotion and dedication that makes The Man wonder about his own commitment to God.  

Sometime later a fellow walks over to The Old Woman. It is still a bit of time before before the next Mass. The fellow has a look of deep sadness in his eyes. You can tell he's been spending more than his fair share of time in tears. He asks The Old Woman to keep his wife in prayer. She is deathly ill and it does not look good. With a reassuring hug The Old Woman tells him that she will indeed pray for him and his wife. Their is a calmness in the fellow as he knows that he is not alone in this world and that their are indeed others willing to offer up their prayers in times of need. You can tell from the way The Old Woman acts that this is not the first time she has done this. Such an act of compassion to someone who is struggling to hold on. It is a reminder of that unending faith in Christ.

Watching the story unfold before him. The Man wonders where his own faith is at. At times their is a deep desire to draw closer to God. The Man had come to the church very early to take care of some personal matters. After witnessing this he decides to set those matters aside and to sit down in one of the pews and to take time to have a private conversation with God. Reflecting on the lessons the Woman in Prayer has taught him this day. Taking time to pray inside The Old Church. /fin

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