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The Return of the Dragonfly

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

The Divorce Chronicles: Chapter Four

The Return of The Dragonfly

If I had a spirit animal, it would be the dragonfly. Representing sudden change, rapid movement, agility, self-realization, adaptability and transformation; I've been down these roads more than once.

I just finished watching “Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones” on Netflix. I have been fascinated with the blue zones for years. These are 5 areas, mostly remote, on our planet where people generally live to be over 100 with no cases of heart disease, dementia, cancer, etc. In other words, for the entirety of their life, they are not only very healthy and strong but happy and joyful. The common denominators of all these zones is fascinating to watch examined but more than that… it’s so HOPEFUL!

This world needs hope now more than ever.

And we need to start paying attention to what works.

It’s entirely possible to live healthy, happy joyful lives into our old age.

But in our modern, American culture; we are getting it all wrong!!

These people work hard, they move (they don’t sit) they eat primarily plant-based diets (and in Ikaria Greece and in Sardinia Italy, they drink wine daily! I can definitely get on board with that!)

They place a strong sense of value on their community, family and friends and they invest and show up for them. They have a sense of purpose. They know why they get out of bed in the mornings.

And they place a strong value on their faith. Although different in each culture or blue zone, the point being THEY HAVE FAITH in serving something greater than themselves.

If you’ve been following these Divorce Chronicles, you know I started out with a simple prayer, “God, please make something beautiful out of my life.”

Well, I am starting to see that unfolding.

I spent the day with a brand-new friend who lost her husband a couple years ago. We had breakfast and went to Cheekwood.

I also helped two older women dealing with no family/husband in their later years who have felt isolated and alone) with various things this week and had deep and meaningful conversations. It’s clear, God is using me to create this circle of connection between women that feel alone and have endured major losses.

I am being useful, fruitful and it feels good. I am acquiring what these Blue Zones call a “sense of purpose”.

And then the dragon fly shows up.

He buzzes around me, follows me everywhere, and I know change is coming for me again. Sudden change and a new marriage, maybe?

One can hope...

I pray God isn't finished with my love story and it's not too late to discover what a real and lasting marriage would be like.

(I hope he's Catholic.)

I have gotten to the point where I am enjoying time alone with God, my animals and myself.

I don’t need anyone to fill me up. God is taking care of that.

So, I feel change coming again and I will embrace it like I always do.

After all, a little change and a little tradition is the recipe for a happy balanced life.

Who knows, maybe I will get back in touch with my Greek roots and move to Ikaria?

I hear they have great, healing wine!

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1 Comment

Sep 17, 2023

Beautiful! I feel like a dragonfly is something that speaks to me. I always feel a sense of calm and wonder when I see one.

I have always been a believer that community, family and as you say showing up for people is what makes life beautiful. It is how we heal, how we survive, how we grow and learn.

We as a society need to stop buying the hype that we are all lone wolves. Even wolves run in packs and have strong family / community ties. We need to go back to God, Family, Country. Faith, Respect, Compassion, Generosity.

I will pray that whatever is coming into your life is fulfilling, joyous, and helps you to grow closer…

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