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The Uncensored Catholic - Episode 1: Intro

In this episide I introduce myself and explain what this podcast is all about. This is a daily podcast where we discuss those things that are supposed to be off limits these days: Religion, Politics and Culture. Each episode should be around 30 minutes long. There will be interviews with Catholic authors, teachers and speakers. The goal is to foster a solidly orthodox, faithful, conservative Catholic culture in a society gone made with woke liberalism... and have fun doing it!

My substack newsletter for The Uncensored Catholic is:

Read about my new book: Confirmation, an Autobiography of Faith Available in paperback on Amazon:

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John Gist
John Gist
Jul 30, 2023


Judson Carroll
Judson Carroll
Jul 31, 2023
Replying to

Thanks! I have recorded about 50 episodes - it will take a while to get them all posted here.

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