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The Wicked Ol' Witch Is DEAD!

Have you ever been to Disney World? Do you know that moment in the parade when the air is filled with confetti, and everyone is singing and dancing in joyous celebration?

There's a reason we are all drawn to these stories, y'all.


Well, I had that moment of triumph today.


I overcame the wicked witch!

I broke the curse.

I cancelled the hex and reversed the spell!!!!

I did!! REALLY… I did!!


And I felt the atmosphere shift.


God has been schooling me in spiritual warfare for years. Now I know why.

“You said you wanted a fairytale, Stephanie,” God said to me this morning. “Did you not? Don’t you know that every fairy tale comes with a heroic prince, a beautiful princess, a wicked evil witch... and a curse to break?”

Oh Lord… I had no idea this was actually and literally a reality.

But it is.

It is for those of us anointed and chosen by God to break generational curses off our family lines. We were born for a time such as this. And God is preparing his kingdom. These are surely unusual times.

God showed me how there were actual witches brought into my family line and my marriage through divination. (Contacting mediums, using tarot cards, psychics, astrology, etc. are MAJOR sins and these kinds of demons do not leave or give up easily.) And sadly, I was involved in the new age for many years thinking I was on a “spiritual path”. God wanted me to see the consequences of my sin. I was chosen to atone for my entire generational line. It’s been tough. But God gave me the graces necessary to overcome… the insight, the courage, the valor, and the faith.

God knows what he’s doing. And he loves a good fight.

My deliverance teacher warned me over a year ago that these types of demons would not go easily. (An exorcist I follow has some excellent and EFFECTIVE short prayers online that we should all be saying. I will link them at the bottom. But fair warning; say them with extreme caution. You need to have truly forgiven people in your life and overcome sin otherwise these demons have a legal right to terrorize and torment you.)


Sin is no joke.

We must be so vigilant against sin.

Clear signs you are dealing with demons of divination, witchcraft, hexes, curses and spells are the following feelings (and these are not feelings; they are DEMONS.)





My breakthrough came when I woke up feeling sad and heavy and so tired of not understanding what path God wants me on, why recent events have happened in my life, and worried it was time to say goodbye to my dog, Tico.

You might say he was the little talisman of good luck that God sent to open my heart and cause my breakthrough.

I get it now. This is not just a dramatic and magical story at the heart of Disney movies. It’s real life. 

God is a romantic…  a warrior… and the supreme KING.

He reigns over the Magical Kingdom. Our rightful place is beside HIM in the castle, seated at the banquet hall table, next to our kingdom spouse.

But of course, the evil witches of the spirit realms are going to do everything in their power to prevent this from happening.

And so God said to me, “Well, you wanted a fairy tale didn’t you, Stephanie?”

But HAVE NO FEAR! The story doesn’t end there.

We serve a great and mighty KING… King Jesus Christ… and HE  shall have HIS happy ending.

In fact, he has already finished it. He has predestined us for LOVE and greatness and the magic kingdom.

Love wins.

We are the rightful heirs to HIS kingdom.

And everyone knows that only TRUE LOVE can break the curse. 😉


And they all lived happily ever after…




St. Michael Center for Spiritual Renewal: Father Rossetti

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