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They're Gunning for Ya!

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

In the media, we continuously hear about the great deal of gun violence in the US. However, this is mostly committed in areas that have strict gun laws and tend to be in ‘Demoncratic’ areas, (that, by the way, is not a typo). Those abiding by the laws are often unarmed and vulnerable to those criminals who have illegally owned guns. Although, that is only part of the problem, because the left like to insist with stricter gun laws criminals would not so easily have access to guns, illegal or otherwise. But the problem with that argument is that criminals do not follow the law and they will always find access to guns. Passing more gun-restriction laws will not stop them.

Then in the next breath, they tell us they want more open borders. More open borders will, of course, mean more gun running, as well as drug running, and people trafficking etc. Every once in a while, we hear of school shooters and mass shootings. Who are these people committing these acts? People may think I'm crazy, but in my own personal opinion, I believe these to be ‘false flags’ incidents. Not that the shootings did not take place, but they were allowed to happen. That may seem far-fetched, but as time goes on you will see more of these so-called mass shootings, I believe. This is intended to put pressure on and to have an excuse for more and stricter gun reforms. Most of these mass shooters are liberals, and they are usually mentally ill. If this is actually a real thing where people intentionally shoot up schools and malls in the US, then it is not gun control that is needed but better care for the mentally ill. Why does this not happen in other countries as much as in the US? Even in places where you cannot easily obtain a gun, why are students not using knives and stabbing? It is easy to make an improvised explosive or use a vehicle to accomplish the same thing. It makes no sense to me. Someone who is that mentally ill and wants to cause pain, death, and destruction will find a way.

Everyone should have the right to be able to defend their family, property, and themselves. However, the reason for the second amendment has nothing to do with self-defence or hunting. The reason for the second amendment is for the populace to be able to resist an overreaching government. If the ‘scamdemic’ has proved anything, it is that governments can and will overreach their powers. It has and will cast aside laws that are in place to protect us from big government. If you do not resist or show that you will not be bullied and harassed, they will keep taking away your rights until you are a complete slave to an institution that you yourself helped establish. Now people may think that what I said is all well and good, but why post it on a Catholic blog site? The reason is that it's every Catholic’s duty to resist tyranny and evil in all its forms. We were born for combat.

Tiocfaidh ár lá - Our Day Shall Come Truth & Tradition

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