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Updated: Dec 4, 2022

This evening I imagined a conversation between God and His creation, mankind.

God: I have made you in my image, but you have made yourselves monstrous. Yet I still love you and will redeem you.

Man: What if we fall from grace?

God: I will restore you to grace.

Man: What if we sin?

God: I will forgive your sin through my Son.

Man: What if we kill your Son?

God: I will raise him up.

Man: What if we are unfaithful?

God: I will always remain faithful.

There seems to be no dissuading God that we are redeemable. The conversation is extremely one-sided: all the pain and suffering we inflict on His image of ourselves is born patiently and compassionately by Him. Try as we might, while there is life-breath and choice to return humbly and chastened to our Creator, there seems to be nothing we can do to loose ourselves from His fidelity and love.

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