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Von Goom's Gambit

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

Science fiction has the ability to insert commentary uniquely into the social sphere with its "anything, anywhere, anytime" perspective. So, let's get to it: another favorite of mine is the short science fiction story, the deliciously satirical "Von Goom's Gambit".

Von Goom entered every chess tournament he could but lost miserably and always. He loved the game and wanted to excel, but simply could not prevail against greater minds. Until, that is, he undertook the unholy study of chess moves that no one should study, exploring dark and dastardly positions with his pieces that no one had a right to peruse. And having perfected his gambit, he began to win, always. Witnessing the combination of moves in shock and horror, his opponents went blind or insane and one even turned to stone.

When the International Chess Federation heard about Von Goom's games, they forbade him to play displeasing, alien patterns that messed with men's minds. But Von Goom visited the officials' homes and showed them his Gambit, and they disappeared from the face of the earth. It looked like the World Championship title was his for the taking, when Von Goom was secretly murdered by the a cadre of concerned world experts. And what happened to his Gambit? I won't completely ruin the story for you, but if I were writing it, I imagine a frightful ending the author himself did not record: that the infamous game with its pattern which drove men mad was announced in chess notation one day over the public radio waves...

Ha! I jest, but not, really. Would that the mad mad world of abortion politics were not so insane, but alas, now that a nail has been firmly placed in Roe's coffin, public officials like Canada's Prime Minister Trudeau and Biden's Health and Human Services Secretary Becerra, among numerous other global leaders, are taking to the press and television, announcing all sorts of dastardly one-sided plans to promote their game that ends the lives of the unborn. I, for one, cannot imagine anything so dark and diabolic as the hearty destruction of innocent lives that is cheered on by intelligent people with the malice of full free will. Although such a gambit will end in its own destruction as the world is exposed to this utter naughtiness of unadulterated sin and moral depravity, it makes you wonder--what is gained when losing one's mind and soul?

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