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What a Pig!

by Fr. Jonathan Atchley

Here's a little levity to balance these wearying times we find ourselves in--something you might enjoy sharing with others over the coming holidays.


A man was driving down a country road in Texas when he caught sight of a farmer walking a pig with a wooden leg. Perplexed, he stopped to ask: “Could you tell me how that pig ended up with a wooden leg?"

Farmer: "This is Haynesville’s most famous pet! Last month that thar pig saved two six-year olds from drowning."

The man: "That's wonderful but why does it a wooden leg?"

The farmer: "You see all these oil wells? That pig rooted and rooted the ground for eleven days until he struck oil, and now I can retire."

The man: "That's a little far-fetched but it doesn't tell me why it has a wooden leg."

The farmer: "Son, two weeks ago my house count on fire, and this pig woke me and my wife before the firemen arrived."

The man: "That is remarkable, but why does why your pet have a wooden leg?"

The farmer: "Well, son, you don't eat a good pig like that all at once."

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