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When I'm Sitting Inside.

When I'm sitting inside the church. Doesn't really matter if it's Christ the Good Shepherd or even Mt. Zion. I find myself with a bit more peace than when I arrived. I am sitting before God (though the Eucharist) and I am able to leave everything behind that is troubling my spirit. It gives me a chance to let go of these worldly issues and put my heart for Christ.

How many times do we go to Mass with our troubles? Do we leave them at the foot of the Cross to allow God to do wonderful things. Or do we try and hold on to them? Trying to control the direction of things that are very much out of our control. These are the kinds of issues that I bring with me when I come to Mass. It is also one of the reasons why I desire to attend Mass as often as I can. Sitting inside the church brings about a small joy to my soul. Even when things are not going according to plan.

At that point, which parish I am at doesn't matter as much as the fact that it is a parish. A place of believers who feel the call of God in their hearts. We come together to give glory and thanks to God for all He does for us and all that He will do. That is one of the desires that all Catholics should have. A desire to make God a priority in our lives instead of the world demanding more of our attention. This was just something that kind of struck me as I was sitting during Mass. -

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