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Who? You!

Dr. Seuss has a wonderful children's story about Horton, an elephant that discovers with very sharp ears a tiny planet of persons called the “Who,” living on a dust speck almost too small to be seen. There are those who disbelieve Horton and would destroy the flower where the dust speck resides, thinking him deluded. The only solution is for every Who to call out together in unison, that their voices may be heard by Horton’s detractors. Only then can they make their voices heard to Horton’s companions, and thereby save themselves. Nothing less will do!

This message fully resonates with the pro-life movement: the smallest members of our community have practically no voice, but if all of us speak up on their behalf, perhaps the endless destruction of babies in the womb will cease. And therein lies the problem, for those who fail to speak out are often fellow Catholics officially in charge of the Church.

With growing frustration, I read almost daily accounts whereby feckless Church leaders undermine the defense of the defenseless with weak countermeasures. Even worse, it appears the Church is actively colluding with forces of darkness. Apart from questions regarding the Holy Father’s lip service to the Eucharist, there are reports that the U.S. bishops allow renegade groups to destroy from within the Church. One instance investigated by the Lepanto Institute reveals an infamous rogue Association of United States Catholic Priests working to bring about women priests with the bishops’ tacit approval.[1]

Today I read that my own Archdiocese is complicit in their failure to fight radical abortion politics that would legalize infanticide.[2] It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and betrayed when authorities fail to challenge the government’s irreligious crimes. Many such significant and pressing issues set the faith light-years back for lack of authoritative direction and action. It may occur to the outside observer that the Church is no longer herself.

What can the faithful do about this crisis?

Speak up!

As one body of believers, we desperately need to address in a singular voice the only one who would hear our plight with the ability to do something about it, Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! He is the true and unfailing head of the Church, and as members, we carry the responsibility of collaborating with Him. St. Augustine reminds that “He who made us without us will not save us without us.” The Lord wants full cooperation of our heartfelt prayer and active service. “For Zion’s sake I will not keep silent, and for Jerusalem’s sake I will not be quiet” (Isa. 62:1).

Nothing less will do!



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1 Comment

Jul 14, 2022

Amen! One small yet significant way we can all speak out and make our voices heard is also a very simple way: buy a flag and a bumper sticker. Did you know the Pro-Life movement now has a flag? I bought one to display beside my mailbox, and I also bought a bumper sticker for others to see. I'm just one voice, but I hope others will join so we can be heard, like the Who!

Here's the link:

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