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Why I go to Mass

It is a typical Sunday morning for me. I've just arrived at the parish for Mass. I spend some time getting myself ready for what is on the agenda. I'm part of the choir so that means going over the songs with our director and other members. Taking a few moments to pray for my heart to be opened to what God has intended for me. A moment of peace in a world that seems to have none these days. I am where I am meant to be.

I go to Mass at every chance out of a deep desire to be here. Something within my soul that craves being inside the church. Even at the times when I'm visiting other parishes with The Project. That same feeling is always there. When I'm at the church for Mass it is because I want to be here. While it is very true that Catholics have an obligation to make every effort to attend Mass if possible. I go because it is an important part of who I am as a Catholic. Even on days when I'm not feeling 100%.

Sometimes though my system is in an uproar and my desire to leave the house is limited. My mind is in a state of high anxiety and spinning in endless paths. Sometimes it is due to on going issues that haven't been resolved. Or other things on my heart. Every fear that can come to mind. Tearing into me like a beast with razor sharp claws. Even then I still make every effort to go. Because those are the days when I need to be at Mass the most.

Why make every effort to go? Their is level of peace that comes by taking part in the Mass. Even on days when I'm either dealing with a lack of focus or my own anxiety playing havoc. It is more than the selection of music. Though I do enjoy singing. It is more than who is presiding. The focus for Catholics, of course, should be the Eucharist. Our Savior Christ present Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity. We are standing before Christ when we follow His instructions which becomes the focus of the Mass. It should be a driving force for all of us. Because at some point in our lives. Attending Mass may no longer be an option. So we should make every effort to attend now while we are still able. This is what drives me. Why I'm always making sure I have a way to come to the church. Because this is something that is truly important to me. I hope by sharing this I might inspire others to share their own stories of why the Mass is important to them. -

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