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You'll Be Soarin' Very Soon!!

This will be a quick word of encouragement. (Notice the word COURAGE is in enCOURAGEment.)

And we have good reason to take courage now.

God has shown me some very exciting and hopeful visions recently and in a very powerful and direct way. This message applies to those of us who have undergone an intense previous season of heartache, change, testing and trials.

The message: HIS people will soon be free from oppressions. The enemy's time is up in May!

This is why the attacks may have felt stronger lately. They know their time is up for those of us in covenant with HIM. (Some of you have even been having suicidal thoughts. The enemy has marked your life for intense warfare and attack because he senses how important your mission is for God's kingdom.) This is such an important season we are now in.

The enemy spent last year attacking God's covenants HARD. And Kingdom Marriage Restoration is God's #1 priority along with God's other covenants now. Expect miracles.

God gave me this vision (because HE knows how much I love the ride Soarin' at Disney World and HE always speaks to us in ways that we can relate to) and HE said:

"Soon you will be Soarin' for real, I will cause you to Soar in life. It won't be just a ride!"

Prodigals: you will be finally allowed to return HOME in May. (May not be moving right back in right away but your correction period is ending.) And you will feel this. You have repented and wanted to return home sooner but The Lord did not allow it... HE had to work on your hearts to be cleansed, healed, accountable... and ready for the amazing blessings he has in store for you. You can move on from the intense regret and grief now.

You are about to step into your divine birthright in HIS Kingdom. This required some deep healing and preparation. It required some grieving as well. He was also working on the other partnerships/family members/spouses and the hearts of all who are involved. A lot of healing has been accomplished.

There is nothing we should fear... The Lord has gone before us and cleared the Path!

We are free!!

God isn't playing around anymore and the kingdom of God is at hand.

We are entering a season of Restoration and God's GOODNESS.

He is using a lot military language like mobilization because he is mobilizing HIS people and giving out assignments. But our Assignments are DIVINE and will bring so much PEACE and JOY and LIGHT to the world! And to US!!

We are entering a time of enormous blessings and God's Favor.

Halleluiah... get ready to SOAR!

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