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ABOUT CatholicismRocks

Our goal here is to help faithful Catholics network and connect.  This site is by YOU for YOU.  We want to give you a platform to share your opinions, ideas, ask questions, and provide what you think would be good solutions to the ongoing crisis in the Church.
This site relies on your participation, we need you to submit blogs, opinion pieces, questions, and ideas.

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In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. 

Heavenly Father, we ask that you bless the mission of CatholicismRocks, its members and team of volunteers serving to spread the Truth and Tradition of the Catholic faith to the world. With the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, we pray that the fruits of our work will aid in the conversion of sinners, leading many souls to know Your Love and Mercy.


CatholicismRocks is happy to announce our Halloween Story Writing Contest Winners!


Jonah DiShanni & John Benko

Please click here to be taken to the Forums

where you can read their stories.


Enter our story writing competitions, write from a Catholic perspective, and get published on CatholicismRocks' website! Share your thoughts on how to celebrate the holiday in a way that honors your faith or write a warm & fuzzy tale that includes winter or Christmas themes. The winning entry will be published on our website, and the author will also receive a blessed prayer card with a second-class relic.

(prizes may vary based on availability)


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We Put Your Needs First

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It is the duty of every Catholic to work at and pray for the end of abortion. 

The right to life is the most basic and fundamental right.

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Abortion is the greatest sin of this age. At CatholicismRocks we want to help promote a pro-life culture. 

Here are some useful links to prolife websites.

Prolife Sites for North and South of Ireland.

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