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Truth & Tradition - Tiocfaidh Ár Lá

The world is against us, the world is against the Faith.  The vast majority of our priests are failing us. Our job is to become Saints and to help one another and our children to become the Saints they are called to be. Now almost everyone I know has abandoned their faith or simply goes to mass because it is something they have always done.  I want better for the church and my children;  It is very difficult though when you feel isolated. That is why we created this website to help conservative Catholics network and connect.

Whatever meagre knowledge we may have we want to share it.   We want to inspire others and connect with like-minded people. We want them to impart their knowledge to us and inspire us. We want this website to have a family feel.  A place where we feel comfortable giving our opinions, and not worry about offending each other.

Meet our Team


Sean Murray Founder

I was born and raised in north Antrim Ireland.  I lived by the coast in a place called Glenariffe.  My childhood and teen years would have been in the 70s and 80s.  Although there was a lot on the news regarding the 'troubles' in the north, for the most part, my friends and I were insulated from it.  We lived in a Catholic community, and the parishes surrounding us were also Catholic. Practically every family in the parish attended mass. We said the rosary every night kneeling around the suite of furniture something I disliked, but now I am very much grateful for. Something happened from 1940 onwards people were not catechised properly and now the faith is treated with ridicule and scorn, even more so in the south of Ireland.

How quickly the people turned their back on the faith is astonishing. Catholics here endured hundreds of years of persecution and still maintained the faith, how many Catholic martyrs have come from Ireland? When Protestantism was spreading like wildfire across Western Europe, Ireland held steadfast to the faith.  When Cromwell and his men tried by force to convert the Irish people we did not succumb to their methods.  During the great starvation, when they took the food and evicted the people, the British set up soup kitchens. All you had to do to receive your bowl of soup was recant your Catholic faith. The majority went without the soup, and as a result, many of them died.


Kathleen Kachel Co-Director

By the grace of God I am here. I hail from the beautiful Southern California, USA.  I am an artist, a mother of 7 (plus I was blessed to raise several more), a conservative Catholic though I took the scenic route, and a survivor. No, a Warrior!

I am ever ready to do battle with whatever evil presents itself, for God, for Christ, for Mary, for my friends and family and for the sake of being here. All by the Grace of God. I am blessed beyond imagination.


I am grateful to those who have been on this journey with me no matter what their role was, I am thankful that I have come out the other side. I revel in the beauty of this world and hope that I can contribute to that, but now I'm focused on becoming the saint I am called to be and I want to bring as many along with me as possible.


God bless each of you as I offer up my prayers 🙏 for those who are most in need, those who have gone before us and all soul's in purgatory.

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Jonathan Atchley

Faithful Catholic parish priest ordained September 10, 1988, serving throughout the Archdiocese of Los Angeles as associate pastor, counselor and spiritual director.  Fr. Atchley retired in January 2021 and now resides in Nashville, TN.  He is a prolific writer for CatholicismRocks and host of 'Ask Father Atchley' here on our website.

Fr. Atchley holds three Master degrees in Arts (Thomistic Philosophy/Epistemology), Religion and Divinity, as well as Teaching Credential from Cal State University. 

Christina Micallef

After raising her family, Christina completed a Bachelor Behavioural Studies, majoring in Psychology with a minor in Literature, followed by post graduate studies in ageing, pastoral care, grief and loss. Christina has had a love of writing since early childhood and professional experience in business communications.


Christina is a proponent of the importance of attending to spiritual needs through forgiveness and reconciliation with God and others, and the significant role that spirituality plays in overall health and wellbeing. This is Christina’s first foray into public writing. She lives in Australia with her husband, three children and two grandchildren. Christina heads up our Rosary Warriors Videos and much more.

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Jack Gist 

Jack Gist was born and raised in the Rocky Mountain West.  He is a writer and teacher who focuses on how the virtues of tradition will lead us out of the postmodern night into the rising light of the risen Christ.


Though American through and through, Gist’s DNA is Irish, Scottish, and Welsh. That might explain his fondness for St. Brigid. 


Jack writes for several catholic publications and is one of our podcasters.

Jenny duBay Blog Editor

From the gorgeous coast of Maine in the U.S., I’m a domestic abuse advocate, an author, a mother, a creator, a theologian, a child of God, a thinker, a nutrition and wellness consultant, and above all an individual. These are the things that can never be taken from me, no matter how hard someone may try. "Do not fear those who cannot kill the soul" (Matthew 10:28).

I have a bachelor's degree in Catholic Theology from Catholic Distance University and am in the process of earning my Master's in Pastoral Care and Spiritual Direction at Holy Apostles College & Seminary. I’m the founder of Create Soul Space (, a ministry that supports, empowers, and encourages domestic abuse survivors with information, resources, articles, and links—from a Catholic perspective. I provide individual Catholic spiritual mentorship services and am the author of two active blogs and in addition to being a freelance writer for numerous Catholic publications. Please feel free contact me with any questions or comments you may have. I'd love to hear from you!

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Bill Snyder

Bill is the Founder of Patchwork Heart Ministry, a non-profit [501(c)3] Catholic Youth, and Young Adult ministry. He inspires, engages, and challenges young people to live their faith boldly by example, through storytelling and media initiatives. He is passionate about sewing hope into broken hearts, and his story has been featured on an episode of Shalom World TV’s Triumph and several media programs.

Bill has nearly a decade of ministry experience. In addition to foundingPatchwork Heart Ministry in the spring of 2012, Bill served as the Director ofYouth Ministry at St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church in Lake Geneva, WIdirecting nine area-wide Confirmation Retreats,initiatedan annual parish trip tothe Steubenville Youth Conference which achieved a 400% year-over-yearattendance increase; and authored, produced and directed “Contemporary Living Stations of the Cross”an annual Lenten stage drama during his seven year tenure. He was a member of the ConventualFranciscan resident-discernment volunteer program from February 2011 until April 2012 at Marytown, theNational Shrine of St. Maximilian Kolbe.


He is the author of four works including Hearts Burning Within Us: Answers to Burning Questions From Catholic College Students. He and his wife Agnes live with their son Elvin Francisco in Milwaukee, WI. Bill is our Video Editor and Podcast Interviewer. 


Peter T. Elliot

Peter T. Elliott drifted through life for years, seeking his purpose in life and occasionally even pursuing it. Raised Anglican, he found himself disenchanted, examining many faiths, philosophies, and sciences before finally converting to Catholicism. Over the course of his journey, he has worked at a number of jobs, including garbage man, sculptor of figures for wax museums, actor, commercial diver, carpenter, captain of a 121-foot sportfishing boat, computer programmer, construction superintendent, and even as an ESL teacher in Iran.


Despite enduring long periods of intense physical suffering over the course of his life, Peter believes that absolutely everything in one's life is a gift from which you will benefit, if used correctly, or suffer, if abused.


Peter lives in Coquitlam, B.C. with his wife, Vilma, their two boys, Mark and Matthew, and their Aunt Araceli. He is an active Blog Writer here at CatholicismRocks. 

Jennifer Arnold

Jen Arnold is a writer and catechist from Phoenix, AZ. She graduated with both a Master's in Theology and a Master's in Catechetics and Evangelization from Franciscan University in Steubenville in December 2018. She also holds a Bachelor's degree in English Literature from the University of San Francisco.


As a stay-at-home mom of 5 children, and very much motivated by her love for the Lord, she is active in her home parish and beyond across a variety of ministries and has been recognized as a Volunteer of the Year for her contributions. As a homeschooling mom, she is joyful for the opportunity to continue translating the truths of the faith to children and parents alike.

She writes weekly bulletin reflections and catechetical articles for Corpus Christi Catholic Church in Ahwatukee which can be found at: She also runs the Catholic Chaplet Channel on YouTube with her husband in order to reinvigorate Catholics' love for traditional methods of meditative prayer.


Outside of praying her rosary, you can most often find Jen hiking in the mountains, doing Pilates, living out loud with her husband, and her 5 children, and rescuing puppies.