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It's god-killing time

Let it be known--gods have died throughout the history of mankind. They are born and then killed off to make room for others. Of course, I speak of mythological gods, for there is only one, true God Who is the Holy Trinity.

Mythology, properly speaking, simply means “truth expressed.” Lacking meteorology and contemporary knowledge of the physical sciences, one can imagine how ancient people looked to the sky in a thunderstorm and wondered why the “heavens” were angry. A psychology of human nature makes it easy to grasp that gods are really projections of man’s unmasked desires on the world at large. From the Greek pantheon, Apollo was the god of music and poetry; Chronos, the god of time; Eros the god of sexual desire and Hades, the god of the underworld…at least 60 so called divinities by some accounts, not to mention their peers, the equally numerous Greek goddesses such as Hera, queen of the gods; Gaia, goddess of the earth; and Nike, goddess of victory.

\While these deities have long since been debunked and relegated to the realm of myth and storytelling, their replacements are continually renewed. Scriptures decries the gods of gold and silver, gods baked with flour and water and set on stands in households, gods that are bad habits and dangerous pastimes. Since Biblical times, we’ve rarefied our notions of superior powers that rule over us, making science and politics into false gods to which we foolishly sacrifice obeisance, allegiance, and worldly resources. With truth relativized and revelation de-mythologized, gods abound once again, and those gods demand human sacrifice (gods like abortion, homosexuality, and even submitting babies to unending Covid vaccines). If you ask me, it is well beyond time to send those false deities back to the depths of hell from where they sprang.

Scriptures obliges us to kill off these false deities, or anything that separates us from God:

“Put to death therefore what is earthly in you: sexual immorality, impurity, passion, evil desire, and covetousness, which is idolatry” (Col. 3:5).

And for this, we have our superheroes as exemplary models, like St. George, killer of dragons; St. Boniface, who cut down the sacred tree of Thor and used that wood to build a church; and St. Pio who regularly went to war against Satan. In fact, to be a saint means one is willing to duel with the devil and all his false gods for love of the one, true God. We faithful Catholics dig out our rosary beads, bibles, and catechisms of doctrine; we sharpen our minds, purify our hearts before the Blessed Sacrament, and sally our defenses with grace and virtue as we go to war against ungodly policies and false teachings plundering the world and devastating souls in the process. Properly speaking, it’s time to kill off the droves of these dehumanizing gods. The Battle may have been won, but the Lord posted us here to engage in the skirmishes.

To arms!

It’s god-killing time!

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Wonderfully written, Father!

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