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Building up Mary's Army.

Updated: May 15

I've been talking about consecrating ourselves to Our Blessed Mother Mary. I spoke of how we can use Fr. Gaitley's book '33 Days to Morning Glory' or we can use St. Louis De Montfort's original consecration book.

You don't have to wait until you use those self retreat books to consecrate yourself to Mary. Offer yourself to Mary now, give yourself to Mary at this very moment. Consecrate your entire family, your children to Mary. Especially fathers as the head of your house you have authority over your wife and children, you can consecrate your household to Mary.

I strongly advise though also using St. Louis De Montfort's or Fr. Gaitley's book as preparation and re-consecrating yourself to Mary afterwards. As slaves to Mary there are certain things you will be required to do. Say a rosary everyday at least 5 decades. Identify yourself as devotee of Mary with the wearing of a Brown Scapular or Miraculous Medal, or better yet both. If all of our members consecrate themselves to Mary, and say one Hail Mary daily for all other members who are also consecrated think of all the benefits we could receive. One Hail Mary offered for each consecrated person in this group. Then if each of us encouraged one more person to consecrate themselves to Mary, and got them to do the same, we would have a rosary praying army in no time. This is Mary's time now, Mary will crush the head of the serpent. The world and the Church are under fierce attack, the faith has been decimated in places where it once flourished. Those who have eyes to see must recognise the faithful are few and we are the remnant. In order to turn the tide we must go to Our Blessed Mother. We need Mary's assistance so we can be the Saints we are all called to be. No longer can Catholics sit back and not partake in the battle. We are the Church militant, take your rosary in hand and use it.

Tiocfaidh ár lá (Our Day Shall Come) Truth & Tradition

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