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Those Poor Zombie Catholics

Q. Since when have Catholics become zombies?

A. From the time our leaders have drained our brains.

Funny thing is this riddle isn’t at all funny. The joke’s on us faithful members of the Church. Too many of our glassy-eyed overseers are pumping her full of toxic teachings. Recently, Rome released yet another document [1] on the synodal Church, replete with heretical suggestions that call for a greater inclusion of the divorced and “re-married,” LGBT groups, and a “female diaconate.” But there is a bonus! While reading it, you can enjoy (or not!) those weird kindergarten graphics synodal leaders are so fond of promoting to depict their notions of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

What do they get out of this nonsense? I’d hazard a guess: the same feeling Adam and Eve had while sampling that forbidden apple with a bite--freedom from God. There's a haunting image I once saw of a little child, wanting independence in the mall, say to his mother: "Don't hold my hand, mom, okay? Don't hold my hand." I think this is what's going on between the synodal Church and God as she says, "Let us wander!"

Which of course is totally insane. God is our only guarantor of freedom. The devil would trap us forever in his deathly grip, and we are the most foolish of sheep for listening to him and his Modernist doctrines that entice conformity disguised as unity. Who doesn’t want to belong? Only those who savor the Bread of Life more than their affirming agendas. This is what makes C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape Letters so engaging: a bit of clever bait and ground cover could land any of us into Satan’s snares.

Thank goodness we have a few clear-headed bishops, like Cardinal Muller who reveals the slight-of-hand subversions of Catholic teaching on sexuality and other essential truths. When asked whether faithful Catholics can resist the synod’s errors, he replies that “one does not have to obey an obviously heretical bishop just for reasons of formal fidelity” [2]. Blind obedience such as this, he continued, “would be cadaveric obedience, which not only contradicts reason but also faith.”

So, there it is: the primordial shiny apple in all it’s mundane appeal, zombie food for those poor souls who have lost their brains. Please, don’t bite! Resist being bitten or smitten! Save your appetite, not for synodal zombie food but for the Bread of Life: “Whoever feeds on my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up on the last day” (John 6:71).



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