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Living examples of the Faith.

Catholics have something that is truly unique. We learn about the faith though a lot of different ways. Not only do we learn about Christ thought what is taught in the Bible. We also learn from the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Which gives us the frame work for what we believe. We also tend to learn from the examples of those around us. Both the Saints who have gone on before us. Along with friends and family who we look up to and often admire. We follow the lessons that we are taught. Even when people may not realize it.

As I reflect on my own life these days. I have learned much about what it means to be Catholic by those around me. One of those people that have impacted me is my mom. I have often times learned about the faith though her eyes and though the various challenges she has faced. Over the last twenty years or so. My mom has had to face some difficult health challenges. With the road being way more difficult than most would ever realize or understand. It is the kind of uphill climbs that often give us more questions to life than answers.

I have found in my mom a deeper level of faith that most do not easily see. A witness to what God has done for her though out her life. An understanding that God's will be done and that sometimes is just a matter of riding out the storm. Even when doing that can be a challenge itself. Sometimes the road takes us down a path of endless frustration and bitter sadness. Yet my mom has always held out a strong faith that never seems to waver. She knows that she is a child of God and that He is always with her.

These are the kind of life lessons that I hope I can take to heart in my own walk with Christ. To follow the examples of what I have seen in this life. We lead by example. The people around us teach us a lot about who we are as Catholics. We learn about the faith though their eyes. I pray that every day I can put those lessons into practice. To never give up hope in the face of intense challenges. To truly embrace God's will. Even if we cannot always see the path in front of this. -

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