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Show 34: What did Jesus mean, "Call no man father"?

In this episode I discuss the very common and ignorant anti-Catholic charge that Catholics cannot be Christians because we call priests "father", and Jesus said, "call no man father." This is a prime example of taking a Biblical passage out of context. Calling priests father is both Biblically and logically correct, as Saint Paul tells us... and out of context, it not only makes no sense but would inviolate the 10 Commandments. We all have earthly fathers and we all need spiritual fathers - both receive their authority from the heavenly Father. Jesus also said to call no man rabbi or teacher. Yet, anyone who teaches is a teacher just as everyone who fathers a child is a father and everyone who is a Jewish officiant and teacher is a rabbi. So, what Protestants claim is ridiculous on its face. What did Jesus really mean, in context and as understood for 2,000 years or so by faithful Christians? Listen to find out.

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