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Working out natural music and the ages of salvation in correlation!

Below is the frets of the guitar

The open note is e and we are doing the key of e major.

Western music can derive all 12 notes of the natural music by applying the fifths rule.

The fifth rule means that when you take a string and tighten it at two ends and then depress it at the 1/3 down the string you get the fifth note of the sequence of doremi fa so la tido.

This is a law of harmonics it always happens this way no matter what , it is natural.

Now if we take that 5th note at the 1/3 Mark and apply the 5th of that , effectively we get another note.

If we continue this process of taking fifths of fifths, etc , we end up cranking out all of the notes of western natural music and eventually we all but return to where we started which is to say the octave.

Now on the guitar frets, to determine a fifth there’s two ways to do it relative to the note in question:

The first method we should try is to back up five frets from where we are.

If this takes us out of the octave then we try the second method which is to go forward seven frets.

When we exercise this process something astounding happens relative to the theology of how the New Testament fulfills the old.

It is basically this. The first fifth is the first coming of Christ where Christ marries the church. This is Fret 7.

After this the notes as you follow the sequence of notes they alternate between first a new testament age and then back to the Old Testament age that prefigures it , until after an interruption of flats it completes itself and then ends with the octave.

Here are the threats that outline the ages of light and then we can work through the fifths and show how it is profound.

0 Noah and the flood, destruction of the world by water


2 The confounding and Abraham and God's marriage to the Hebrew people


4 the illuminative way of the old people of God the establishment of the kingdom and the prophets

5 the unitive wav iof the old people of God the restoration after the exile


7 the first coming of Christ and Christ's marriage to the church


9 The New Testament Kingdom and doctrinal development Catholic Christendom


11 the New Testament unitive way the age of peace

12 the second coming and destruction of the world by fire , New creation




So now zero is the first great age of redemption which is Noah and the flood.

Again as we mentioned the first fifth is the first coming of Christ where he marries the church.

Remember the rules that we first try to subtract five frets.

So 7 – 5 = 2.

Received from above the two is the confounding of tongues and the calling of Abraham and God's marriage to the Hebrew people.

This truly prefigures what happened in the first coming of Christ. Pentecost undid the confounding of tongues and just as Jesus marry the New Testament people to church so in this age 2 God the Father marry the Hebrew people through Abraham.

Now if we try to take the 5th of 2 we would try to subtract five frets, but this is not possible because you would get negative three which is beyond the octave since there is no note behind the open note 0.

So we try to add seven frets and consequently we get 2 + 7 = 9.

The 9th fret is the New Testament illuminative way and Kingdom Catholic Christendom in the development of the doctrine by the magisterium

Taking the 5th of this we subtract 5 frets and we get the fourth fret.

We see the 4th fret is the illuminative way of the old people of God the Old Testament Kingdom in the way of the prophets.

All this prefigures what we have just seen in the New Testament step before this.

Now if we take fret 4 and try to subtract 5 it doesn't work because we get negative one which is beyond the open string. Hence we have to try adding seven Frets which gives us the 11th fret. This is the unitive way of light for the new people of God which is our lady's age of peace.

Now taking 11 and backing up five frets we get 6.

But now phase 6 is unfortunately nothing it is not part of the pure keys because it is a flat or an imperfect note. Now of the 12 notes in the musical period there are five flats, and what happens from here Is that as we take the next four fifths beyond six we crank out all of the five flats. And then after that we return to fret 5 , the unitive way of life for the old people, which is in fact the prefiguring of fret 11 which was the age of peace or the unit of way of light for the new people.

Here we can work out the flats. Again we have seen the first flat as 6 so if we take 6 – 5

we get one which also is not a note in our pure scale.

Obviously 1 – 5 does not work so 1 + 7 is 8 which again is not in the note sequence.

8 - 5 is 3 which is also notin the sequence

Obviously 3 – 5 does not work and so 3 + 7 = 10 which is also not in the sequence.

This covers all five of the flats which we can recall: 6 1 8 3 10

Now 10 - 5 is 5

And once again five brings us back to a pure note which in this case is the unitive way of the old people of God which is to say the time when they were restored to the love of God and had a much greater love of God until the final ordeal of maccabees.

And sure enough, this is the prefiguring of the age of Peace which is the last pure note that we left off with that is Fret 11.

No 5 - 5 is admittedly zero which is the beginning phase of Noah and the flood but we have already had that step so we need to take five plus seven.

And that is 12 brothers and sisters which is in fact the octave, and effectively that does form a fulfillment since I have since as I have talked before Jesus said that as it was in the days of Noah so should I be in the days of the son of man.

St Peter draws the same comparison between the world that is destroyed in the beginning by water and the world that is destroyed by fire at the end.

In Noah’s day the near whole of humanity sparing a remnant was wicked and God destroyed it by water and began to recreate it by the flood and his beginning stages of redemption.

And at the end of the octave the whole world is nearly wicked in the great apostasy sparing a remnant , namely a remnant of gentiles and most of the jews. Therefore God destroys the world with fire and and enters in the ultimate redemption of the resurrection and New creation.

There we have it, the ages of salvation history perfectly perfectly draw forth in the formation by steps of natural music the fulfillments between first new and then old all the way from beginning to end truly wonderful

is it a coincidence maybe but it sure is a darn wonderful coincidence.

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